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Impact of GM Lordstown 3rd shift cut hits other plants

Austintown companies also plan to cut their workforces

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

By Kalea Hall


The shift cut at the General Motors Lordstown Complex has had a ripple effect on some local companies that do business with the plant.

Lower demand for small cars led GM to cut its third shift indefinitely, affecting 1,245 workers at its Lordstown plant. The layoffs will begin Jan. 23.

Jamestown Industries, Magna- Lordstown Seating System and Comprehensive Logistics are making plans to cut their workforces, too.

Layoffs at all of the plants go by seniority.

Magna-Lordstown Seating Systems, 1702 Henn Parkway SW, Lordstown, will end its third shift Jan. 20. According to a notification sent to the state under the Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification Act, or WARN, 83 employees and 32 temporary employees will be affected by the cut.

That company makes seats for the Chevrolet Cruze that is built at the GM Lordstown Complex.

Jamestown Industries, 650 N. Meridian Road, Austintown, will have a smaller cut of 10 to 15 layoffs, said Glenn Johnson, United Auto Workers Local 1112 president.

Johnson represents about 45 Jamestown workers who build the front and rear bumpers for the Cruze. He also represents about 280 workers at Magna-Lordstown Seating Systems and 3,000 assembly workers at the GM Lordstown Complex.

“We will probably do meetings for our affected members after the dust settles ...,” Johnson said. “It is a tough time. I just couldn’t be prouder of the workforce that builds the work-class Chevy Cruze from the fascias at Jamestown, the seats at Magna to the Cruze itself – they do their best every single day.”

At Comprehensive Logistics, 365 Victoria Road, Austintown, about 160 workers are expected to be affected because of the cut at GM Lordstown, said Jose Arroyo, business representative for United Steel Workers.

Of the 160 affected, 90 are temporary employees and 70 are union members in the USW Local 621, which has about 450 members.

Comprehensive Logistics puts the parts in the right order for the GM Lordstown Complex.

“The number is not set in stone yet,” Arroyo said.

At the GM Lordstown Assembly Complex itself, the loss of the third shift will result in the permanent layoff of about 242 assembly production temporary employees, 565 assembly production regular employees, 148 stamping production temporary employees, 169 stamping production regular employees and 78 skilled trades employees, according to GM’s notification to the state under WARN.

Both UAW Local 1112 and UAW Local 1714, which includes 1,400 fabrication plant workers, will have layoffs.

“We want to make the transition as smooth as it possibly can be,” said Robert Morales, president of the UAW Local 1714. “The focus is on the individuals [who] will be affected by the layoffs.”

About 43 salaried employees also will be voluntarily transferred to other local GM plants, but GM does not believe the shift cut will result in employment loss at the salary level, according to the company’s WARN letter.