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Youngstown schools, CEA decide to conduct separate meetings

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


One meeting has become two.

Youngstown School District CEO Krish Mohip and board of education President Brenda Kimble announced that the board’s monthly meetings will be separate from Mohip’s CEO meeting, with Mohip hosting his session after the board’s.

This decision comes in response to the Oct. 25 meeting when three board members left after a nearly 30-minute argument with Mohip about who controls the agenda.

“Mr. Mohip has total control of this district, anything done with business, [human resources], policy, and anything except treasury is his business to do,” Kimble said. “[Mohip] has requested to have his own meeting in which he will bring those things forth.”

Mohip said he believes the board needs direction and he wants to help guide it to a point where it is “functioning appropriately.”

“I will not set [the board’s] agenda, but I will also not bring items to the board for approval or resolution, as it is not required by the state,” he said. “I want to make it clear that I am not delegating any power or any authority to the board that is branded to me.”

Mohip and Kimble agreed, they still want to work toward having a more successful collaborative meeting, as focus is being lost in the shuffle.

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