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Confusion on no-parking issue ramps up tensions

By Bruce Walton

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

By Bruce Walton


Tensions ran high about a miscommunication between trustees and frustrated residents from Green Bay Drive about the new no-parking ordinance.

Several Green Bay Drive residents told township trustees the issue they talked about has yet to be solved, and they voiced their displeasure at Monday night’s meeting.

The trustees thought they had reached a compromise with residents at the last meeting Oct. 24 with a no-parking ordinance stretching from 73 Green Bay Drive to Forest Lake Drive based on the recommendation of the neighbors and police taking effect Nov. 1.

In addition to the ordinance, the township increased police enforcement in the area for speeding, and the road department sprayed double lines on the street. Residents said, however, they were unaware the ordinance didn’t cover the rest of the street beyond the Green Bay Drive address, reaching to Aquadale Drive.

The trustees explained the ordinance’s details were discussed at the last meeting as well as written on the agenda, recorded on the minutes and mailed to all Green Bay residents.

Despite complaints, Trustee Tom Costello said he and the trustees will observe what the actions they’ve already put in place will do for the residents’ problems until the next meeting Nov. 28.

“Right now, I think we want to wait and see how this is going to work,” Costello said. “Let’s see if it’s going to work.”

Neighbors approached the trustees about the problem more than a month ago, saying cars were speeding down the road and that there were too many cars parked on Green Bay. Some residents said the bend around the portion of the street was dangerous because of the speeding cars.