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Thursday, November 10, 2016


St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital

David and Carrie Lyons, Struthers, boy, Nov. 7.

Cliff and Desate Burkley, Youngstown, girl, Nov. 7.

Ricky and Melissa Reese, Youngstown, boy, Nov. 7.

Joseph and Kayci Korchnak, Youngstown, girl, Nov. 7.

Brian and Amy Peebles, Youngstown, boy, Nov. 7.

Lindsay McDevitt and Charlie Rubel, Wellsville, girl, Nov. 7.

Krystal McCauley and Cory T. Bandrowsky, Youngstown, girl, Nov. 8.

Leonna Tate and Lester Walker, Youngstown, girl, Nov. 8.

Christopher and Brittney Hollister, Girard, girl, Nov. 8.

Gregory and Amanda McGlynn, Youngstown, girl, Nov. 8.


Lyndsey Jones and Osmond Lemasters, Warren, boy, Nov. 7.

Charleigh and Kristopher Wildman, Warren, boy, Nov. 8.

Editor’s Note: ValleyCare Health System of Ohio, which operates Northside Medical Center and Trumbull Memorial Hospital, no longer provides birth announcements for publication in The Vindicator.