Great to be an American

Yesterday, I fished more than 1,000 miles from home. Tomorrow, I will fish at Mosquito Creek Reservoir. How lucky am I?

Or is it luck?

While I cannot rule out good fortune, the opportunity to fish pretty much when and where I want is something I’ll never take for granted. Whether it’s 85 degrees or 30, whether it’s a day’s journey from home or a hop, skip and jump, the great opportunities for all who fish here in Ohio and the other United States are amazing.

How lucky are we?

But we fret. What if the fishing goes sour? What if the lakes get polluted? What if the economy tanks? What if we lose our jobs?

Seems we always need something about which we can wring our hands and worry. Some say fishing isn’t great these days. Some say America needs to get great again. I say it still is.

I see fishing as a metaphor for other life experiences. I think fishing might even contribute to my generally optimistic outlook about many things.

This election year especially, I am thankful I love to fish and I can do it anywhere my heart desires. A thousand miles from home or 20, I can break out the rods and lures and invest a morning, a day or a week – whatever I wish – and forget about the babbles from the mouths of people who will say whatever they think might scrounge up votes and delegates.

America is great. It was, it is and it will be. I believe that because I see it, every day here at home and wherever I travel in the USA. I believe it because I see it every day in the work of my colleagues, my clients and their companies. I see it in the quality of so many great things that are part of my life and yours.

I simply refuse to let the presidential candidates convince me otherwise. America is great. But it isn’t easy to keep it that way. We have our good days and bad. We have successes and failures. We have a multitude of challenges. But it sure is great to be an American.

In my personal opinion, fishing is great. But it isn’t easy to keep it that way. We have good days on the water and poor ones. We succeed and we also flunk. We have more challenges than you can imagine. But it is so much fun that we come back for more even after the darkest of days.

Yesterday I fished 1,200 miles from home. Tomorrow, when the mercury pushes past 30, I’ll be out on Mosquito Creek Reservoir just 20 miles from home. I guarantee I’ll have as much fun tomorrow as I did yesterday.

Certainly I appreciate the fact that fishing is but one of a thousand things we do. But in more ways than most of us can imagine, fishing is the metaphor for the reality of everything that I believe falls squarely on the list of the “America is great” attributes.

Lake Erie will be great

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife says anglers can expect another good year of fishing Lake Erie for walleyes, perch and largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Walleye catches will be mostly fish from the 2014 and 2013 hatches, with some fish from each year as far back as 2009. Fish from the 2003 and ’07 hatches will show up in good numbers in the Central Basin and stretch out beyond 26 inches.

Yellow perch continue on the upswing, with good fishing forecast this year in the Western Basin. The largest fish will be in the eastern areas of the Central Basin.

Smallmouth bass fishing will be improving this year, with fish ranging up to 22 inches and 6 pounds. Largemouth bass fishing is expected to be excellent in the harbor and estuary areas all along the Ohio shoreline.

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