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Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation awards $84,000 in grants

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation has awarded more than $84,000 in grants for local health initiatives, including therapy for children with severe disabilities and referral assistance for individuals with special needs.

“These grants recognize the harsh challenges facing those with severe disabilities and limited resources,” said foundation chairman Patrick W. Wilson, an attorney with Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell.

The Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Howland received $30,000 to be used by its “Children With Courage” Fund for low-income individuals to cover therapy expenses beyond what is paid by private and public insurance.

The foundation also approved $18,500 for Help Hotline Crisis Center to expand a “special navigator” program that helps individuals with special needs and their families locate and access help.

Other grants are:

• Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, $10,000 to double the buying power of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) funds spent at local farmers markets.

• Homes for Kids and Child and Family Solutions, $8,450 for classroom presentations and counseling sessions aimed at reducing violence in schools.

• Antonine Sisters Adult Day Care, North Jackson, $7,500 for transporting participating adults to and from the center.

• Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries, $5,000 to screen pre-school students for vision problems.

• Compass Family and Community Services, $5,000 for the Teen Institute, a program to prevent drug and alcohol abuse among teens.

With assets of more than $13 million, the foundation is the successor to the Trumbull Memorial Hospital Foundation, which was created by the hospital in 1976.