Week of December 20, 2015

Ronald L. Hickman Sr. to Jill L. Partee-Mosely et al, Scioto Ave., Youngstown, $30,000.

Roger B. Watkins Jr. et al to Mary L. Stockovich, N. Navarre Ave., Austintown, $57,500.

Harold P. Queener Jr. et al to Walter Lee Martin, Cornwall Ave., Youngstown, $20,000.

David Barber to Erin Watkins, Sheffield Drive, Austintown, $132,500.

Clement Revetti et al to David J. Anderson et al, S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, $57,000.

Paul Andrew Mirich et al to Adela LLC, Elm St., Struthers, $22,900.

Cathy Chance to Thomas J. Desmond III, S. Roanoke Ave., Austintown, $52,000.

Gregory B. McCormick et al to Thomas E. Arundel et al, Willow Way, Canfield, $175,000.

Elizabeth A. Haldman to Kathleen A. Corella, E. Western Reserve Road, Poland, $155,000.

John J. Berg to Lee R. Pagano et al, Eastbrooke Trail, Poland, $300,000.

Debra Conrad to Paul A. Eippert et al, Ohltown Road, Austintown, $60,000.

Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corp. to Extrudex Aluminum Inc., Mahoning Ave., North Jackson, $64,020.

Jacob L. Baun to Robert M. Doepker, Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Poland, $104,500.

US Bank Trust NA to Jeffrey L. Votaw et al, N. 12th St., Sebring, $38,000.

James C. Pupino to John R. Loew et al, Melbourne Ave., Boardman, $140,000.

Jeffrey P. Patrone et al to Jennifer L. Fobes, Turnberry Drive, Boardman, $141,000.

Mary A. Thompson et al to Diane Greathouse, Oak St. Ext., Lowellville, $41,000.

Budd Brothers to Daniel M. Miller, S. Meridian Road, Youngstown, $40,000.

Helen D. Hetson to Brent S. Johnson et al, Daytona Drive, Austintown, $77,000.

Patrick V. Finamore to Bayan A. Imashat et al, Erskine Ave., Boardman, $46,500.

David Hume et al to Swing Management LLC, Market St., Youngstown, $1 million.

James C. Hiznay et al to Phyllis R. Niemi, Bel Aire Lane, Poland, $51,000.

DRB Mahoning County Properties LLC to Gregory J. Rohan, Fairway Drive, Canfield, $185,000.

Southern Cross Management LLC to Paperbark Holdings LLC, N. Hartford Ave., Youngstown, $42,000.

Mark Klysner to Andria N. Bothot, Arden Blvd., Youngstown, $75,000.

Gary M. Fontanarosa et al to Raymond J. Pool Jr. et al, Barnstone Lane, Canfield, $260,000.

June E. Sharish to James B. Griffith et al, Lynn Ave., Youngstown, $33,000.

Premier Real Estate Management Ltd. to DJM Rentals LLC, Tremble Ave., Campbell, $4,000.

Mike Phelps to Robert L. Turosik Jr., Como St., Struthers, $49,000.

Mary Elizabeth Wrona to Carrie M. Carlevale, Rexford Road, Youngstown, $59,000.

E. Anthony Biondille III et al to Melanie C. D’Altorio, Hunters Ridge, Boardman, $232,000.

Zachary M. Walverton to Bernard Charles Doran III et al, Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, $134,000.

Gregory Habert et al to Benjamin P. Miller, Porter Ave., Campbell, $110,000.

Karen M. Jacobs et al to Linh Thi Ngoc Tran et al, Meadowbrook Ave., Youngstown, $22,500.

Richard G. Hlinka et al to Michael Provenzale et al, Cherry Hills Drive, Canfield, $330,000.

Angela Procopio et al to Phillip Mackovich, Creed St., Struthers, $64,000.

Victory Property Inc. to Seyed Monajer, Hilton Ave., Youngstown, $7,210.

Tammy L. Crater to Tiffany D. Lewis et al, S. Saratoga Ave., Austintown, $250,000.

Elaine J. Richards to Martin J. Gross et al, Montgomery Lane, Canfield, $193,500.

Christiana Trust to House to Home Properties LLC, Jaguar Drive, Boardman, $65,500.

William C. Dudley et al to Sandra L. Mapus, Mill Creek Blvd., Boardman, $169,000.

John A. Mocker Jr. et al to John A. Mocker Jr. trustee, Hunters Woods Blvd., Canfield, $55,500.

David Sudetic et al to Pramod Suri, Kirk Road, Austintown, $60,000.

Patricia A. Boggs-Lapp to Jason A. Webb et al, Spring Meadow Circle, Austintown, $173,000.

Robeson Land Company Ltd. to Dibo Construction LLC, Poland, $60,000.

Robeson Land Company Ltd. to Dibo Construction LLC, Poland, $50,000.

Elizabeth I. Molnar to Tracy A. Diehl, Oak St. Lowellville, $105,000.

Twila L. Harker to Joseph E. Canatelli, Masschusetts Ave., Poland, $110,000.

Loren A. Lazeer to James D. Durand et al, N. Arrowhead Bay, Columbiana, $89,000.

Cheryl Banjak to Ralph D. Peser, Colgate Ave., Austintown, $45,000.

CTW Development Corp. to Anthony W. Spatar, Championship Court, Canfield, $120,000.

KY Investment Properties LLC to NPV Capital LLC, Shadyside Drive, Boardman, $98,000. (2)

James J. Cantelupe to Robert Palguta Jr. et al, Orchard Drive, Poland, $99,500.

Ronald B. Knight et al to Justin M. Sylvestri et al, Hickory Lane, Austintown, $114,900.

KBRK Associates to AB Reserve LLC, E. Western Reserve Road, Poland, $100,000.

Michael C. Temnick et al to Charles Colt Yohman, Lyon Blvd., Poland, $45,100.

Arlene M. Godward et al to William C. Helbley III, Lemont Drive, Poland, $59,500.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Hani Moust, W. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, $7,000.

Boardman Investment Partners LLC to Gary D. Cable et al, Sharrott Road, Poland, $221,171.

Melissa M. McClintock et al to Alfred Shives III, Jeffrey Lane, New Middletown, $99,000.

Patrina A. Garritano et al to Richard A. Griffith et al, Black Oak Lane, Austintown, $88,300.

David P. Maloney et al to Michael A. Cortez, Helena Drive, Struthers, $27,000.

Deelin Enterprises LLC to Lynn E. Rough, Roxbury Ave., Youngstown, $18,500.

John G. Fritz to Lorraine E. Haefke, S. Yorkshire Blvd., Austintown, $69,000.

James Herman et al to CKK Investments LLC, Boulder Creek Drive, Austintown, $12,000.

CKK Investmetns LLC to Marylynn Kotis, Wesley Ave., Youngstown, $15,000.

Dana M. Brandt to Thomas W. Ray, Country Club Drive, Youngstown, $49,900.

David G. Shipley et al to Michael N. Santangelo, Sugar Creek Drive, Boardman, $223,000.

Christine J. Dailey to Arlis R. Wadlow et al, Montridge Drive, Canfield, $133,000.

Gosney Homes LLC to Sorose JiHavikul, Dickson St., Youngstown, $7,900.

Damian A. Billak et al to Frank A. Heinselman et al, Gully Top Lane, Canfield, $62,500.

Equity Trust Company et al to Erik J. Lilley, Stratmore Ave., Youngstown, $5,000.

Richard A. Kirsopp et al to Kristin E. Peters, Sheridan Road, Poland, $92,500.

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Roenora Jones, Drummond Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Danielle D. Kennedy, Sunshine Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corp. to Doriska J. Riley, Orrin Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

Darrin T. Rhoads et al to Pamela J. Walke, Willow Bend Drive, Canfield, $256,000.

Taunza Adams et al to Anthony W. White et al, Reta Lane, Boardman, $90,000.

Douglas A. Miller to Ross D. Householder, Lisbon Road, Salem, $105,000.

Anna R. Leenheer to Cheryl E. Schuller, Tam O Shanter Drive, Youngstown, $65,000.

Renee Rambo et al to James E. Morton, S. Raccoon Road, Canfield, $259,900.

Tribune Corporation to DJM Rentals LLC, 4th St., Struthers, $18,500.

Robert S. Brajer et al to Jason A. Williams, Rockdale Ave., Boardman, $77,750.

Joseph M. Gabrid III et al to Shaun Fenneken et al, Tippwood Court, Boardman, $146,000.

Jennifer L. Costarell et al to Glenn Dyke et al, Woodmere Drive, Youngstown, $58,000.

John R. Chiaro Jr. et al to Nicole Raseta, Cliffview Drive, Poland, $205,000.

Matthew D. Zielinski to Kenneth Ryan Burton et al, Gibson Road, Canfield, $148,500.

Michael J. Rigelsky to Gerald A. Sabrin et al, North Lima Road, Poland, $119,000.

David S. Foster et al to Jason E. Longer, Howell Drive, Youngstown, $139,000.

Josephine C. D’Agostino to Robert R. Rivello et al, Hamilton Ave., Poland, $97,000.

Mark Philibin et al to Ronald B. Knight et al, Elias Lloyd Road, North Jackson, $333,500.

Kimberly A. Vrabel et al to Autumn J. Blackmon, 13th St., Campbell, $79,000.

Esquire Real Estate LLC to Jennifer Popovich, Sciota Ave., Youngstown, $34,050.

Zel E. Bush et al to Janene M. Rodgers et al, Olde Charted Trail, Poland, $330,000.

Home Savings and Loan to Gary Bueno, Kirk Road, Austintown, $45,000.

Gary Ostoyic to Jock Johnson, Columbiana-Canfield Road, Columbiana, $134,000.

Slofko Terlaky et al Jan Lois McCulky, Zander Drive, Youngstown, $69,500.

Ronald Miller et al to Matt A. Clupper et al, Headland Ave., Lake Milton, $160,000.

Dennis P. Orr et al to Eric E. Hunt et al, Fawn Meadows Ave., North Jackson, $186,000.

Derek Norris et al to Kenneth L. Bertolette, Main St., Washingtonville, $25,000.

Richard S. Bunyoff to Frederick T. Moran et al, Shores Drive, Poland, $405,000.

Mark A. Gayetsky et al to Santi Nallapaneri et al, Gully Top Lane, Canfield, $420,000.

John R. Cintala et al to Myesha Johnson, Bon Air Ave., Youngstown, $55,000.

Kathryn L. Medeiros to LTD Investments LLC, Bon Air Ave., Youngstown, $8,000.

Nicole Clark et al to LTD Investments LLC, Rush Blvd., Youngstown, $28,000.

Richard M. Weenberg to Hazem F. Ali, Mistletoe Ave., Youngstown, $10,000.

John D. Howard et al to Ali Althowaikh et al, Mariner Ave., Youngstown, $12,500.

Mark J. Bedenik et al to Sara E. Jones et al, New Castle Road, Lowellville, $135,000.

Youngstown Area Community Action Council to J&L Kennedy LTD, Oak St., Youngstown, $1,000.

John M. Dubic to Frank Esmail, Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, $15,000.

Carol A. Ellis to Barb Brown, Portland Ave., Youngstown, $16,000.

Michael N. Esau to Ralph W. Palmer Jr., Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $52,000.

Ollie Properties LLC to Dayville Properties LLC, Maryland Ave., Youngstown, $12,000.

Michael Stefko et al to Arthur J. Hecht Jr. et al, Tippecanoe Place, Canfield, $263,000.

Brian E. Wacht ot Kelly Kestle, Woodland Run, Canfield, $287,500.

Thomas J. Travers Jr. et al to Dorothy Evelyn Jones, St. Alban’s Drive, Austintown, $170,000.

Mykala Denise Ridley to Daniel G. Buzea, Berkley Ave., Youngstown, $1,000.

Ikalanj Enterprises LLC to Brandon Bower et al, Mahoning Trumbull County Line Road, $35,000.

Franklin D. Riddick to Charles E. Everly III, Springfield Road, Poland, $127,500.

Curious I Ventures LLC to Shawn C. Musmann et al, Wildwood Drive, Boardman, $102

Justin M. Ragazzine to V&J Brown LLC, Forest Park Drive, Boardman, $41,000.

4610 Realty LLC to Cailor Flemming & Assoc. Inc., Market St., Youngstown, $408,000.

Joseph R. Eusebio et al to Dennis J. Patterson et al, W. Pine Lake Road, Columbiana, $162,000.

Robert L. Dunn et al to Ryan P. Dunn, Red Tail Hawk Court, Boardman, $75,000.

John Hodos to Carmen Judith Arce Ruiz, E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, $30,000.

James P. Pezzano et al to Beth Daily et al, Lowell Ave., Youngstown, $39,000.

Gayle Herron et al to The Schwartz Revocable Trust, Bayshore Drive, Columbiana, $223,000.

Brenda Fronzaglio to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, $18,000.

Kathy Almaraz to MRF Ohio One LLC, Silliman St., Youngstown, $11,334.

William K. Bonte III et al to Kondaur Capital Corp., Squirrel Hill Drive, Boardman, $127,600.

James C. Davis to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Pineridge Court, Austintown, $82,000.

Bank of America NA to Michael H. Engoian, Edenrock Ave., Canfield, $60,000.

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