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Thief takes necklaces and phones from Warren store but forgets to take the cash

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Staff report


Two masked men who robbed the Market Food Mart, 1011 E. Market St., took cellphones and necklaces from two clerks Sunday night but apparently forgot something else — the cash. It was one of two armed robberies in that neighborhood over the weekend.

The men, dressed in black pants, black hooded sweat shirts with the hoods up, black gloves and red bandanna masks on their faces entered the store at 9:30 p.m.

Both had semi-automatic-type handguns. One held his gun to one clerk’s head while grabbing her shirt and pulling her from behind the counter.

The other suspect ran behind the counter and grabbed packs of cigarettes. The suspects ordered the clerk and a second one, who originally had been in the bathroom, to put the store’s cash in a plastic grocery bag.

While one clerk was putting money in the bag, two necklaces came out of her shirt, so one of the suspects grabbed them and ripped them from her neck. The suspects also took the cellphones from the two women and ran out of the store, leaving the bag of cash behind.

At 5 a.m. Monday, the BP gas station, 1290 E. Market St., about a block east of Market Food Mart, was robbed by a masked man wearing all black.

A customer said he was walking into the store just as it opened and observed a man dressed all in black wearing a black ski mask over his face standing just outside the door of the store.

The clerk opened the door to allow the customer in, and the man in black followed, pointing a gun at him and the store clerk, taking the customer’s phone and $28, then getting cash from the store’s register.

The robber then demanded four cartons of cigarettes and tried to get the clerk’s purse, but she didn’t have one, and the suspect fled on foot.