A tale of two Obama styles

Steubenville Herald Star: There was a contrast of style in the presidency that was on clear display during the past several days.

President Obama, when suspected traitor Bowe Bergdhal was released after the U.S. traded suspected terrorist prisoners for him, made a splash.

There was an appearance with Bergdahl’s parents, a statement of unwavering support for the man who some say simply walked off his post in Afghanistan and wound up in the hands of the Taliban.

Obama, when a video surfaced of the beheading of American freelance journalist James Foley, remained on vacation. There were pronouncements and statements but nothing approaching the public relations fervor shown for Bergdahl.

There is an image of service to country that is afforded Bergdahl, even amid the traitorous accusations, while there is always the image of the foreign correspondent as some kind of swashbuckler who puts himself in danger.

War zone

No one accused Foley of turning his back, even for a moment, on his nation. Though he wasn’t in the armed forces, he was in the service of his people overseas in a war zone.

He deserved better than having his violent death used for political advance.

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