Mahoning road workers take good old time to make repairs

Mahoning road workers take good old time to make repairs

The last couple of weeks, the media have had stories about road construction in Mahoning County. Major construction jobs are highlighted that make the Road Department look like it is doing something.

Many roads in Mahoning County are terrible, most drivers will agree. The problems have been ignored or are on the back burner. The excuse is “we had a bad winter;” well get with it, summer is almost over.

Sinkholes have popped up that have caused detours around the area. Most of these were taken care of in a matter of a few days. One sinkhole stands out above the rest. On New Road, 50 feet east of the intersection with Raccoon Road in Austintown, the sinkhole occurred at the beginning of April.

First a detour sign and orange barrels were set in place, and caution tape was added later. Eventually orange snow fence was placed around the hole. There it sits, and this is August.

What does it take to get this problem resolved? Or are the county commissioners and the Road Department waiting for winter when they will fill it with snow and ice?

A sales tax is coming for a vote in November; the commissioners want to give money to the sheriff and the courts. Maybe some should be given to the Road Department, or is that on next year’s ballot?

Ed Brannan, Austintown