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Russia puts the United States to shame with anti-swearing edict

Published: Wed, May 28, 2014 @ 12:00 a.m.

Russia puts the United States to shame with anti-swearing edict

Vladimir Putin has passed a law in Russia against swearing. I love it. Our country can’t talk without vulgarity anywhere. The Bible, which hardly anyone reads or even cares about, speaks on this subject and makes a very valid point that I have pointed out in a previous letter and will once again reveal at the end of this one.

I will once again give the comment about the mind that swears. “Swearing is the feeble attempt of the uneducated mind to express itself.” Think about this the next time you begin to speak anywhere. Our youth, with the impact of the entertainment industry, have accepted vulgarity as a way of life that is not only accepted by them but also by their parents, who also practice such. The real reason behind this state of mind is the lack of God in this country.

We have become a nation of no morality in any fashion. Anything goes. If it feels good, do it. If you don’t like it, kill it. If you can get away with it, do it. Atheism has taken over in this country, along with its idea of the false-to-the-core theory of evolution as is being taught in our schools as a fact and not a theory.

To end, as promised, take your Bible, if you have one, and look at Matthew 26 verses 69-75. The apostle Peter denied Jesus Christ three times and the last time he proved he was not a follower of him by “swearing” (verse 74). So, if you want to prove you are not a follower of Christ, and just another atheist, keep up your vulgarity. You won’t pay a price here, as in Russia, but wait awhile, you will.

Rea Buttermore, Boardman


1billdog1(3160 comments)posted 1 year ago

Rea, If you like Russia so much, go live there.

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2lajoci(539 comments)posted 1 year ago

Holy Moses, Rea!

We most certainly could ban swearing, and dozens of other pet peeves that semi-pro scolds like yourself don't like; but, then, it really wouldn't be the United States of America, would it?

Jumping jeepers! Teach your children well, thereby combatting swearing (or any other personal peccadillo you find offensive) in the most effective way possible.

Goodness gracious!

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3lajoci(539 comments)posted 12 months ago

So, Belle!

You're all set to resign your Medicare, right? So you can exercise your freedom to, what?

Pay your own way at the doctor?

By the way -- I'm betting all those millions who can now afford to purchase health insurance through the exchanges, and all those up-to-26 year-olds who can continue on their parents' plans, and all those folks who were turned away by insurance companies because of so-called "pre-existing conditions" would say that it's going pretty well for them.

I wonder, also by the way, what sculptor is being recruited to do Obama's image in bas-relief on Rushmore. Might be Justin Stone (who probably would be the most economical choice, since he refuses to take anything for granite); or I.Gneus, currently reported to be working on renderings; or the Italian artist, Rocco Fajious.

In any case, hats off to the president for a job well done!

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476Ytown(1316 comments)posted 12 months ago

48 million uninsured before Obamacare.
8 million enrolled under Obamacare
4 million responsible people who were paying for private insurance lost coverage and had to sign up with Obamacare.
Net 48 million uninsured after Obamacare,
the website cost alone has already cost $1 billion. That's a lot of money being spent to insure 4 million Americans - doesn't even begin to include the subsidies and the cost of coverage.

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576Ytown(1316 comments)posted 12 months ago

typo.. Net 44 million uninsured after Obamacare.

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6lajoci(539 comments)posted 12 months ago

So, 76 Ytown, you hate Obama, right?

We all get that.

You need to (A) renounce your Medicare and pay your own way, just to prove the purity of your motives, and (B) stop watching Faux and get another source for your stats, because your I-hate-Obama stats do not reflect the truth about the Affordable Care Act.

They are GARBAGE stats, spewed by the Obama haters at Faux, including, but not limited to, Hannnnitttty, Bill-O, Greta, Ann, Charles, Brit, Laura, even Megan and the rest of the supposedly "hard news" faction over there.

They're on the guy 24/7, with nothing but lies -- that's their brand.

Faux Noise --the shout-fest never ends.

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776Ytown(1316 comments)posted 12 months ago

No lajoici, if you followed my posts you'd know that I simply don't see Obamacare as the route we should have taken to provide coverage to the uninsured based on my experience in the industry.

Hopefully by the time I am eligible for Social Security and Medicare it will still be an option.

Please do share with us how many previously uninsured Americans are now covered due to Obamacare. You can probably find those numbers in a flash on some transparent government website. Aren't we still waiting to hear how many people that signed have actually paid their premiums?

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8lajoci(539 comments)posted 12 months ago

Your "experience in the industry?"

Ah-HAAAAAaaaaaa! So that's the nature of your disdain for Obamacare? That it takes something away from the for-profit insurance industry guys?

Not to worry! Obamacare was a massive give-away to the insurance companies! You, and your colleagues in "the industry" should be rejoicing, because Obama did not do what he should have done -- expanded Medicare to cover us all, everyone, period, much like Canadian Medicare, if not the National Health Service in England, or our own Veterans Administration, with its own medical staff and facilities, which, if Congress had properly funded, would not be in the mess they're in today.

So, you see? We agree,. in that we both dislike Obamacare, but for diametrically opposed reasons.

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