Amateur bakers wanted for annual Slavic contest

Staff report


The Annual Slavic Baking Competition will take place at the fourth annual Simply Slavic Festival on June 21.

Organizers want the Valley’s best amateur bakers to put their best recipes to the test.

Entries will be judged on three criteria: taste, 50 percent; authenticity, 25 percent; and presentation, 25 percent.

Submit an entry form with a $5 nonrefundable entry fee and a description of 100 words or less. The form can be found online at

Remember to highlight information such as its Slavic roots, holidays at which it is served and where you first ate it. Mail to Simply Slavic Baking Contest, 442 Rita Ave., Youngstown, OH 44515. Entries will be accepted until June 16.

When the festival time arrives, contestants will take their entries to the Baking contest table, in Joe Maxx Coffee Shop, Realty Tower, street level, 47 E. Federal St., no later than 1 p.m.

Contestants should take two of the baked items, or two dozen cookies, packaged separately. No baked goods will be accepted that have been frozen, refrigerated or heated. Judges will receive the entries at room temperature.

For information call Mary Margaret Hovanes at 330-792-6281 or email

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