New complaints

John Marin dba East Palestine Car Wash et al v. Frank Papania et al, money.

Lorna Faber v. John Taylor et al, personal injury.

Mary Matheny v. Wayne Mutual Insurance Co. et al, personal injury.

Dissolutions Asked

James Holcomb, of 31 W. Salem St., Columbiana, and Kathleen Holcomb, of 107 Park Court, Columbiana.

Lindsay Flesch, of 15149 state Route 170, East Liverpool, and Shawn Flesch, of same.

Divorces Asked

James Horn, of 39100 Brookfield Ave., Lisbon, v. Erica Horn, 448 Columbia St., Leetonia.


Credit Acceptance Corp. v. Pattie Lewis, judgement for plaintiff.

Salem Community Hospital v. Wendell Custer, judgement for plaintiff.

National Check Bureau Inc. v. Danny Mullen, judgement for plaintiff.

Salem Community Hospital v. Royella Gregory, judgement for plaintiff.

Salem Community Hospital v. John Taylor, judgement for plaintiff.

Dissolutions granted

Jonathan Conner and Michelle Conner.

Curtis McCowin and Staci McCowin.

Jeffrey Mitchell and Carrie Mitchell.

Divorces granted

Barbra Karlen v. Delmar Karlen.



JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association v. Nicole M. Vrankovich et al, foreclosure.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania v. Michael E. Holowatuk et al, foreclosure.

The Sudheendra Family United Limited v. Board of County Commissioners et al, dismissed.

Hope Well Inn Inc. v. Joel Presti et al, dismissed..

Mary Brincko v. General Motors LLC NAO Lordstown Assembly et al, dismissed.

Freedom Mortgage Corp. v. Mark J. McAllister et al, dismissed.

Edward Skrobut v. Trumbull County Clerk of Courts, dismissed.

Cortland Healthcare Group Inc. v. Karen L. Boyles, dismissed.

Jeannette Wallace et al v. Walmart Stores East LP, dismissed.

American Builders and Contractors Supply Co. Inc. v. Jewel Restoration LLC et al, dismissed.

Christin Gore v. Jacob Gore, dismissed.

State v. Antonio A. Johnson Sr., sentenced.

State v. Cherice R. Williams, sentenced.

State v. Justin L. Fry-Starrett, sentenced.

State v. Justin M. Dach, sentenced.

State v. Brett D. Allen, sentenced.

State v. Justin Resse, sentenced.

State v. Anthony James Smith, sentenced.

State v. Meagin A. Kinloch, sentenced.

State v. Jamie L. Gillespie, sentenced.

State v. Franklin Fleming, sentenced.

State v. Gary P. Golub, sentenced.

State v. Dahshenne T. Saunders, sentenced.

State v. Irvin Dean, sentenced.

State v. Antonio Johnson, sentenced.

State v. Darren Lee, sentenced.

Dissolutions granted

Victoria A. Hoffman and Frank W. Hoffman.

Matthew Paul Lloyd and Jennifer Lynn Lloyd.

Matthew S. Pugh and Jennifer L. Pugh.

Jennifer Rose Cole Crisan and Christopher Lawrence Cole.

Laval Jackson and Christine Jackson.

David Franklin and Mary C. Franklin.

Erin Elizabeth Dement and Robert George Dement.

Michelle Love and Charles L. Love.

Ryan Moore and Jenna Moore.

Ronald Deeter and Shannon Deeter.

Brandi N. Houk and Donald J. Houk.

Matthew Vadas and Jessica Saddler Vadas.

Divorces granted

Lisa M. Rose Russo v. Michael A. Russo Sr.

Mary Jo Mastorides v. Nickiforos E. Mastorides.

Meloni Webber v. William Webber.

Maribeth Beck v. Brian J. Beck.

Debra Aldrich v. Frank Aldrich.

Hiedi L. Konsol v. Andrew Konsol III.

Justin G. Malmfeldt v. Megan L. Conway.

Donald Campbell v. Judy Stiffler Campbell.

Holly Herdman v. James E. Herdman.

Jamie L. Yeager v. Donald R. Yeager.

Michael Croff v. Chantelle M. Croff.

Michael L. Claytor v. Rachel E. Claytor.

Kenneth C. Bier v. Danielle S. Bier.

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