Youngstown voters still blind to fracking propaganda. Why?

Youngstown voters still blind to fracking propaganda. Why?

Once again I am dismayed that the people of Youngstown have voted against the Community Bill of Rights charter amendment. I know that a great deal of money was spent by the opposition to mislead voters, but I still believe that the people of Youngstown could see through propaganda and realize the facts.

The major — actually the only — point made by the opposition was that the bill is a “job-killer.” The oil and gas industry and those whom they have managed to deceive or, even worse, to buy, have used this argument for three elections. Yet not one of the pro-frackers have specifically cited any section of the bill that prohibits the creation of jobs.

Of course, some say that to prohibit fracking in Youngstown prevents jobs from coming to the city. These jobs are literally “coming to” areas where fracking is being allowed. The drilling crews are not composed of local people, and the high-paying jobs already belong to the executives who drive into local communities in their new trucks with out-of-state plates.

The jobs that involve creating the tools and the materials needed for fracking are not prohibited by the Community Bill of Rights. A section of the bill specifically states this fact.

At the polls on May 6, I was struck by three things. First, those telling voters to vote “No” on the bill were paid for doing so; those who were telling voters to vote “Yes” were not. If you know that you are asking voters to vote for what is best for them and is just plain right, you don’t need to be paid.

The second thing that struck me was that no one from the opposition mentioned that by voting “No” residents of Youngstown were voting to give up so many of their fundamental and inalienable rights. The bill specifically gives the people of Youngstown the right to determine what happens to their city and all who live within it. I’m totally shocked that so many God-given rights could be bought with empty promises.

The third striking thing was that the shirts worn by those asking voters to vote “No” had printed on the back “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” Wow, at last, some “truth!” Youngstowners should have already had enough of the lies, the deceit, the political manipulation, and the false premise that the people of Youngstown can be so easily duped.

Pauline Beck, West Middlesex, Pa.