Marriage licenses

Travis A. Golladay, 40, of 14150 Country View Circle, Columbiana and Nicole M. Hennessey, 36, of same.

Matthew R. Roth, 22, of 3913 Artmar Road, Austintown, and Alexandra R. Darby, 21, of same.

Zachary A. Kountz, 21, of 310 Crimson Drive, Campbell and Jasmine Figueroa, 21, of 381 Kendall Ave. Unit 1, Campbell.

Paul J. Trimacco Jr., 32, of 135 16th St., Campbell and Virginia N. Gentile, 32, of same.

Thomas J. Arundel, 35, of Boardman and Abigail N. Edwards, 26, of Salem.

Jerry L. Lampley Jr., 24, of 75 E. Chalmers Ave., Youngstown and Deonna T. Green, 23, of same.

Alexander C. LaLanne, 27, of 11831 Federalist Way Unit 2, Fairfax, Va. and Alyssa N. Monroe, 25, of same.

Barry J. Cunningham, 23, of 907 Walker St., New Orleans, La. and Kaitlynn E. Bitzer, 24, of 3583 Meander Reserve Circle, Canfield.

Michael C. Schneider, 45, of 387 Ewing Road, Boardman and Kelli L. Leonard, 44, of 67 Southwoods Ave., Boardman.

Cory J. Cracraft, 26, of 541 E. Avondale, Youngstown and Melissa A. Vaillancourt, 22, of 838 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown.

Divorces asked

Monica L. Corll, 3402 S. Raccoon Road, Canfield, v. Stephen R. Corll, 421 Hood Drive, Canfield.

Johnie A. Washington, 7125 Locust Ave., Youngstown, v. Barbara Washington, 7200 Ravenglass Lane, N.C.

April Santangelo, 1806 Lynn Mar Ave., Youngstown, v. Victor M. Santangelo Jr., c/o St. Elizabeth Health Center, 1044 Belmont Ave., Youngstown.

Elbert Eiland, 130 N. Osborne Ave., Youngstown, v. Mary Eiland, of same.

Dissolutions asked

Cindy L. Perorazio, 8386 Hitchcock Road, Boardman, and Raymond M. Perorazio Jr., Four 163rd Ave. E, Apt. 1, Redington Beach, Fla.


State v. Israel Jusino III, sentenced to two years’ community control through APA.

State v. Joseph Hardy, sentenced to six months at Lorian Correctional Institution.

State v. Bryant Battle, pleads guilty.

State v. Jeffrey A. Whitney, sentenced to three years’ community control through APA.

State v. Eleanor Haynes, pleads guilty.

State v. Devin P. Droney, pleads guilty.

State v. Michael Koziorynsky, pleads guilty.

State v. Deone M. Cray, judgment entered.

JSJ Business Ventures LLC v. George Garland, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. William L. Thomas et al, order of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Todd A. Harper et al, dismissed.

US Bank NA v. Bryan H. Moracco et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of New York v. Celia J. Mahone et al, order of magistrate.

Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc. v. Gennaro Russo, order of distribution.

US Bank NA v. Chastity D. Brown et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Melissa Domenick et al, order of magistrate.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Michael D. Swain et al, foreclosure.

Jerry Wray, Ohio Dept. of Transportation director, v. Rahmon A. Zuckerman et al, order of magistrate.

First Place Bank v. Veronica L. Chicase et al, judgment entered.

Cherie B. Gallo v. Northeast Martial Arts and Cardio Kickboxing et al, settled and dismissed.

Charles Dyke et al v. Robert C. McDonald, order of magistrate.

Mildred Danch v. Andrew G. DiBacco Jr. et al, dismissed.

Jake Borton v. John E. Betts, dismissed.

Lisa Lorelli v. Dino Digiacomo et al, order of magistrate.

Diane R. Kechler et al v. Joseph Pavlov Jr. et al, order of magistrate.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Dave L. Kuriatnyk Sr. et al, sheriff’s sale withdrawn.

Bank of America NA v. Van R. Staples Jr., order of magistrate.

Martha Livingston v. Jill K. Landau, settled and dismissed.

James A. Marino v. Steve Buehrer, admin at BWC, et al, dismissed.

Elizabeth Mason et al v. Kimberly Collins et al, dismissed.

Gurnek Singh v. Rajendra Ingle et al, order of magistrate.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. John D. Habeger et al, foreclosure.

Teresa Bell et al v. Giuseppe Scolieri et al, settled and dismissed.

Debra Sharkey v. Louis Decata et al, dismissed.

Stephen R. Whiteley et al v. Tara Burton et al, order of magistrate.

Theresa Halko v. Colton Horvath et al, order of magistrate.

Victoria Cannella v. Vibra Hospital of Mahoning Valley LLC et al, dismissed.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Mary Hirt, deceased, foreclosure.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Junior F. Palmer, judgment entered.

State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. v. Mike Carney et al, order of magistrate.

Erminio Malvestuto v. Basem A. Yocoub M.D. et al, order of magistrate.

Brian Burns et al v. Western Reserve Motorcycle Club et al, order of magistrate.

US Bank NA v. Sandra Patton Watson et al, order of magistrate.

New Beginnings Residential Treatment Center LLC et al v. Steel Town LLC et al, order of magistrate.

PHH Mtg Corp. v. Patrick D. Tobin et al, order of magistrate.

Linda Longmire v. Jabbar Spires Sr., order of magistrate.

Tyrone Fields v. Daniel Russell, dismissed.

Real estate

Kelly M. Housteau to Gary Scurti, Heritage Drive, Canfield, $85,000.

John J. Monroe to Jeff A. Fieldhouse et al, Pleasant Valley Court, Salem, $200,000.

Michael Sabo et al Brian D. Hodge, East Boston Avenue, Youngstown, $42,500.

Rachelle Durkin et al to Phil Miner, Central Avenue, Youngstown, $31,000.

Miryam Martinez to Brian W. Dradt, Philadelphia Avenue, Youngstown, $23,400.

Lori E. Chepke et al to William D. Barnhart et al, Ellsowrth Road, Lake Milton, $205,000.

Leon Turek to James H. Meeds et al, Bay Shore Drive, Unit 3, Columbiana, $88,000.

Maureen Coraff to Mario D. Hernandez et al, Huntington Drive, Boardman, $103,000.

Brianna L. Thayer to Breanne E. Sozmara, Bristelwood Drive, Unit 3, Boardman, $87,500.

Louis A petit et al to Dean Pagnotta et al, Lisbon Road, Salem, $160,000.

Craig Walker to Cindy Vu, Jaguar Drive, Boardman, $149,500.

John Trump et al to Alberta W. Testa, Aldrich Road, Austintown, $78,000.

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