No jackpot, but LoCash Cowboys like their odds

By John Benson

LoCash Cowboys singer Preston Brust is feeling lucky. The Nashville artist just got back from Las Vegas, where apparently he did OK.

“Oh man, I did pretty good this trip,” said Brust, calling from Nashville. “I’m up a few hundred. I’m pretty happy with that. I was playing roulette. Everyone thinks it’s a scary, tough game, but I have this little math [formula]. The odds are still in their favor and it’s painstaking, but if you stick with this mathematical bet, then the odds are a little bit better for you. And I like it; it’s fun.”

As far as roulette being scary, it’s pointed out Brust makes a living in the cutthroat industry that is the record business.

He laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s nothing, right?”

Keeping with the gambling motif, the cards are currently all on the table for the LoCash Cowboys, which is supporting its self-titled debut released last June. The album ranges from the light-hearted, fun-loving “Little Miss Crazy Hot” to country anthems “Hey, Hey, Hey” and “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.” There’s also the emotional “I Hope,” “Best Seat in the House” and “Keep in Mind.”

It was just over a year ago when The LoCash Cowboys rolled into Northeast Ohio for another rowdy show at the Dusty Armadillo. Brust and his LoCash Cowboys’ partner Chris Lucas return to the Rootstown honky-tonk Saturday.

However, there was a sense a year ago that the act, which previously co-wrote Keith Urban’s No. 1 single “You Gonna Fly” and Tim McGraw’s 2012 top-10 single “Truck Yeah,” was about to leave the starting line for the fast-track.

So far that hasn’t happened, with none of its singles cracking the top 30 at radio.

“For what we wanted to do this year, I think a lot happened with that album, and we were pleased with it,” Brust said. “Of course, you want to build off it. We want to keep the momentum going, and we’ve got more songs on other people’s albums. You have to keep your fingers crossed and keep hoping that the one song is on that album that will help kind of break the single and the album sales for you.”

Currently making waves on SIRIUSU/XM channel “The Highway” is the group’s single “Little Miss Crazy Hot.” Brust points out that the band’s label is not pushing for radio success, as much as taking a word-of-mouth approach via social media and YouTube.

He also stresses that the saving grace for the outfit is the fact LoCash Cowboys’ one shot at radio with a huge promotional push has yet to take place. Brust said he’s not discouraged.

“I have a song on Scotty McCreery’s album called ‘The Dash,’ and I have a song on Parmalee’s debut album called ‘Back in the Day,’” Brust said. “You never know — one of those might be a single. Actually, I just got a call five minutes ago that Clay Walker had recorded one of my songs and was going to be going to radio with it. So, who knows?

“That’s one of the fun things about the music industry, as tough as it is, and like roulette, there’s those fun calls that come that just keep you going.”

It turns out the record industry is just like roulette — you never know when you’ll win.

“It’s just so cool when it hits,” Brust said, laughing.

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