Obama’s power grab must be stopped to save America

Obama’s power grab must be stopped to save America

I recently saw on Fox News a group of 20 people who were being questioned and asked to comment on the current conditions facing our country today. This group consisted of a cross-section of all political parties and independents. These people were will informed, and their remarks and comments confirmed this.

The moderator threw out questions and asked for comments covering the serious problems facing this country. All were encouraged to join in with their individual comments. I witnessed a lively exchange of comments and ideas, and I hoped those pinheads in Washington were listening.

During the program the moderator asks the audience this question several times: “How many of you people, were I to give you $1 million no strings attached, would leave this country and never return?” The number of hands went up were surprising and frightening. If anyone still has any doubts as to where this country is heading, after listening to this group, they should be dispelled.

These people were not picked off the street, but were educated and all were up to date on current events. I believe their thoughts and comments were excellent examples of what most people believe is happening to our country today.

Our free democratic society is eroding, and Washington is doing nothing about it. If we’re ever going to see daylight again we the people will have to act. We must find a way to dismantle the power grab that is being employed by the president and members of his party. Their goal is to choke the life out of our democratic system then attempt to lead us down the one-way path to socialism.

We should never forget those two words uttered so often by Obama throughout his first campaign “Fundamental Transformation.” So many people interpreted those magic words as a symbol of change for the better. We know now his intent was to cause a complete change of government resulting in a loss of our personal freedom. We also know now those magic words were not of hope of a healthy change, but a threat as what our new president really had in store for us.

Leon J. White, Columbiana