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Valley ranks near bottom in American quality-of-life index

Published: Wed, March 26, 2014 @ 12:01 a.m.


Jerry Schromofsky and his dog, Missy, walk in Mill Creek Park on Tuesday. Schromofsky, who lives in Youngstown, said he walks for exercise several days a week and also regularly works out at a gym.





When stacked up against other U.S. metropolitan areas, the Mahoning Valley ranks close to the bottom in terms of overall well-being.

The Youngstown-Warren-Boardman area is 175th out of 189 communities surveyed for the 2013 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which serves as “a barometer of Americans’ perceptions of their well-being,” according to the “State of American Well-Being” report.

The Provo-Orem, Utah, area ranks first. Last is the Huntington-Ashland metropolitian area, which includes counties in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

In addition, Ohio ranks 46th out of 50 states in overall well-being.

Well-being “is the combination of many aspects of life” and “is about the interaction between physical health, finding your daily work and experiences fulfilling, having strong social

relationships and access to the resources you need, feeling financially secure and being part of true community,” explains author Tom Rath in the report’s foreward.

As such, six domains of well-being make up the Well-Being Index: life evaluation, emotional health, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors and basic access.

Youngstown-Warren-Boardman was at the lower end of the scale of residents who exercise three to seven times a week.

The survey shows that 48 percent of people here do. The highest percentage is Anchorage, Alaska, at 62.3 percent; the lowest is Lafayette, La., at 43.4 percent.

In the report’s introduction, James E. Pope, senior vice president and chief science officer for Healthways, and Jim Harter, chief scientist on workplace management and well-being for Gallup, note that information about the country’s current state of well-being “gives employers, health plans, heath systems, governments and communities unmatched insight into the state of their populations.” It also provides them with the “opportunity to develop and prioritize informed strategies to help their organizations and communities thrive and grow.”

After all, as Pope and Harter write, people with higher levels of well-being cost less and perform better — which is advantageous to communities and countries, employers, health plans and health systems, and individuals alike.

Youngstown Mayor John McNally said Tuesday that he believes the area has a strong sense of community.

“The health of our community is something we have to look at,” he said. McNally said there are “food deserts” in Youngstown, or areas that aren’t served by a grocery store.

A high child-mortality rate is an issue, too, he said. Pregnant women need better access to health care and access to better nutrition, he said.

April is Minority Health Month, and the Youngstown City Health District is participating in a national “Let’s Move” campaign, he said. The district will kick off the campaign Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Arlington Heights Recreation Center, 801 Park Ave.

Featured will be speakers on preventive health practices, fitness demonstrations and health screenings by the Black Nurses Association.

McNally said there are definitely people in the community who are “challenged” emotionally and financially.

“Overall, I think we have some work to do,” he said.

Tom Humphries, president and CEO of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, noted Tuesday that though he hadn’t closely examined the Well-Being Index yet, he and others at the chamber do take such surveys and reports seriously.

“It may be a small sample and an interpretation of an opinion, but it still gives value to us,” Humphries said. “If people interpret our region to be that, we want to change that opinion.”

He added that the chamber first will evaluate the Well-Being Index and identify what it suggests the area’s strengths and weaknesses to be. The next step after this is to share those findings with the chamber’s membership base and with its publications.

In addition, the Valley once used to be near the bottom in a number of surveys, Humphries said, but has ascended to the top 10 in many of them.

“Truthfully, we’ve impacted those surveys by paying attention to them,” he added. “It can be reversed.”


1Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago

Nothing shocking about this report. Being lumpy and out of shape is only scratching the surface about the kind of scum who inhabit this region.

The Mahoning Valley is a toxic waste dump of humanity compared to the rest of the country. This is where unapologetic racism and silly Christian dogma trumps common sense and decency. A town where people watch the movie "Noah" or "Passion of the Christ" and brainwash their kids to believe everything in them as historical fact, but then spend hours mocking the new "Cosmos" series as promoting "ridiculous" ideas like evolution and the Big Bang. These idiots want to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Old Testament.

If you ever imagined what it would be like if the uneducated white Tea Party bigots could have everything their way --- just spend a couple weeks around here and you'll get a glimpse of that wretched fantasy.

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2formerdemliberal(182 comments)posted 5 months ago

Boardman Jeff:

According to the Gallup-Healthways measurement instrument, the five essential elements of well-being are:
» Purpose: Liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals
» Social: Having supportive relationships and love in your life
» Financial: Managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security
» Community: Liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community
» Physical: Having good health and enough energy to get things done daily (http://www.healthways.com/solution/de...)

Racism and religious beliefs are not specifically addressed in any of the five categories surveyed and yet you base most of your criticism of this area in these two issues.

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.".

So I guess that people in this area with strong religious beliefs have a right to support "silly Christian dogma" as historical fact according to your own US Constitution. Somehow, I don't think that believing in God reduces one's quality of life.

You use of generalizations such as "lumpy and out of shape", "scum", "unapologetic racism", "idiots", "uneducated white Tea Party bigots", reek with the same type of intolerant superiority that you preach against in your post and pseudo intellectual liberal elitists like yourself constantly employ to downgrade traditional middle class values.

Your rant sounds like your well-being index is pretty low, perhaps contributing to our area's low rating. According page 21 of the Gallup Report, the best places to live are in Provo, Utah; Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado (http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/162029/fi...).

My advice to you would be to move to Utah and join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or smoke some blunts in Colorado to improve your own well-being and improve this area's as well. And try to use some factual evidence to back up your statements before other people figure out that you are nothing but an self-absorbed intellectual blowhard.

BTW, I'm 60 years old, jogged for over 25 years, still jog 2-3 miles per day, 6 days a week, do 300 pushups and 150 situps daily, and have survived leukemia for the last nine years. Wanna challenge me, Mr. Lumpy?

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3willinnyny(77 comments)posted 5 months ago

The Catholics in Youngstown are so conservative, backward, bigoted and ignorant that they would chase the saintly Pope Francis out of town --- because he is too enlightened and liberal for Youngstown dimwits.

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4Knightcap(693 comments)posted 5 months ago

And here all these years I thought it was the corrupt liberal democrats who ran this valley and got hauled off to prison. We have to start voting these tea party bigots out of office around the valley. Just look what they've done here the past 50 years.

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5JS(626 comments)posted 5 months ago

Decriminalize everything and The Valley will be AOK.

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6youngstown615(97 comments)posted 5 months ago

Boardman Jeff......Did you take your medication today ??

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7ysuforever(56 comments)posted 5 months ago

These type of rankings are so subjective that in reality they mean very little.Our Valley is a great place to live ,did they even visit our Green Catherdral Mill Creek Park.I have had friends who were world travelers who were amazed that its not known more as a national treasure.We need to focus on some things for sure but we cant control the weather or deny our geography .The greatest thing about the Valley is family and our many ethnic enclaves.I could care les about these type of rankings because they always miss the true flavor of a region and focus on data instead.Besides we have one of the best urban universities in the Midwest and some of the best health facilities in Ohio.Anyone really wanting to move out to Utah Cmon only the few Valley Repubs who voted for Mitt might consider it,We need to be YTOWN PROUD like our beloved Dem chairman David Betras who brags up our area while receiving his many awards and accolades state wide

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8theotherside(332 comments)posted 5 months ago

Why is it that atheists are so angry all the time? If you don't believe, you have that right. No one said you have to believe in God. Even God says that. And he still loves you.

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9UticaShale(853 comments)posted 5 months ago


Workcamps and Orphanages.

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10allstar720(247 comments)posted 5 months ago

This is a miserable part of the country and has been since the mills closed. Until the fracking started, at least we had great water, now that too is poisoned. Youngstown hates you.

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11dontbeafool(882 comments)posted 5 months ago

I wonder if Kasich will have his buddy include "Ohio ranks 46th out of 50 states in overall well-being" in our state's promotional video seeking to bring out of staters to Ohio?

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12billdog1(1153 comments)posted 5 months ago

How amazing that so many can wonder so far from the facts of this report. For starters it is a survey based on the selected few who took the time to participate in the survey. I say if you don't like it here, leave. Nobody will stop you.

I've have lived here for over 50 years and love it here. I've had many of family and friends leave and most return within a couple of years. If you enjoy the outdoors we have a great area. Fishing, skiing, hunting, camping, hiking, etc...

This has nothing to do with religion, dogma, political ideology, or most of the other nonsense spewed above. Again, if you don't like it here, feel you are not allowed to live up to your potential, please, leave. You will give this area a better perspective and many currently around you a better perspective as well.

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13questionreality(228 comments)posted 5 months ago

There are several ways to step out of the atheist closet. The example provided in the first comment would be the worst example.

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14DwightK(1250 comments)posted 5 months ago

Living in the Valley is like living anywhere else, it's what you make of it that determines how good your life is. If you want to be successful here, you can be. Opportunity is everywhere. If you want to say things are too hard and offer up excuses for why you can't succeed, you can do that too.

The biggest thing wrong with this area is the attitude of those who live here.

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15Silence_Dogood(1333 comments)posted 5 months ago

Boardman Jeff is just angry because his mom stopped buying hot pockets and she refuses to redecorate the basement (better known as the command center).

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16walter_sobchak(1891 comments)posted 5 months ago

I have to agree with you 100%. The only thing I will add, however, that from mid-November to about mid-March, it is too cloudy. Not necessarily rainy or snowy, but minimal sunshine. The sun makes you feel better and gives you a happier disposition, as is evidenced by the angry people on this comment board.

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17redvert(2056 comments)posted 5 months ago

Silence, I think you are reading poor little Jeffie pretty well. Of course in his defense, it is just wrong that mommie will not redecorate the command center. As for the hot pockets, he was getting too fat anyways!!!

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18redvert(2056 comments)posted 5 months ago

The results of surveys like this one are based on one of two things, First would be the "data set" and then of course the old standby of "It's Bush's fault"

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19Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago


You're another sad example of the deluded far right Gestapo that is a cancer upon this region. If the Constitution strictly forbids any religion from affecting the laws of our country, why do some Mahoning County school boards have secret agendas to forbid teaching of evolution in public high schools, hmm? That is the same intolerant mindset of the Taliban death squads or Iranian clerics. Is this what our Founding Fathers died for?

In the past 30 years, I've lived in different parts of the USA such as Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Atlanta so I can say from personal experience that the Mahoning Valley is a cesspool of overt racism and NeoCon propaganda. Most of the white bigots in this area would love to see all black people shipped back to Africa, all Latinos shipped back to Mexico, and all everyone on welfare put out on the street so their kids can starve to death. Apparently, they think the only people who belong in America are racist white males who worked in the steel mills 40 years ago and "paid their dues".

It's enoug to make anyone nauseous when you see the real attitude of the Baby Boomer whites around here.

BTW, I can bench 375 on a bad day so you might want to rethink your challenge to me. I'm quite the physical specimen.

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20city_resident(510 comments)posted 5 months ago

Seems to me that Boardman_Jeff needs to do a better job of choosing who he spends his time with. Maybe he'd be happier?

I agree with Dwight and Walter, If you're unhappy, it's up to you to change that.

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21fudputer(45 comments)posted 5 months ago

BJ-its too bad that you see us 70 yr old people as racists-we're slowly dying out as it should be-- this is true!!! your generation is now begining to take over--LIKE WHAT YOU SEE !!!!!!!!

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22dubfun(174 comments)posted 5 months ago

Many of these studies and polls are contradictory. It wasn't that long ago that I saw an article that picked the Y-town metro area as a great place to raise a family. Yes, there are many problems in areas of Y-town and it's suburbs, but overall the extended Valley region is affordable and most areas are safe to live in according to the study.

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23walter_sobchak(1891 comments)posted 5 months ago

You hit most of the scum we want out of the valley but what about the Irish, especially the smelly shanty Irish? I mean, my wife is part Irish and I want to keep her here. After all, she bathes!

As far as your knowledge of the US Constitution, I have read it many times and NOWHERE do I read that it "strictly forbids any religion from affecting the laws of our country"! Legislators may use whatever basis they deem appropriate in crafting laws and the President uses whatever reasons he would sign or veto a bill, including because it is Wednesday. In fact, the First Amendment states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". So, it explicitly prohibits laws being enacted that would prevent a legislator from using their religion as a basis for their law-making decisions.

Oops, it is lunchtime! I just hope there is a seat at the lunch counter and I don't have to give the stink-eye to a black man to move for me.

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24DwightK(1250 comments)posted 5 months ago

Well Walter, we can't do anything about the weather. Think of it as just one more challenge to overcome.

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2576Ytown(1232 comments)posted 5 months ago

BMJ: " I've lived in different parts of the USA such as Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Atlanta" I suppose you were not happy living in those cities either since you're back in Boardman.

So BMJ, if you are so miserable here, move on and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out in your mission to find the perfect place to live.

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26stateline(69 comments)posted 5 months ago

Its your own responsibility to make your own happiness and well being, If you aren't happy you can only blame yourself.... cough cough.. boardmanjeff.

...who needs muscle when you got the 2nd amendment.

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27stateline(69 comments)posted 5 months ago

April is Minority Health Month- Yeah thats racist. So basically we need to observe a whole month that people need health care.. unless your white.

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28tired56(12 comments)posted 5 months ago

It's hard to stay positive and live a happy, healthy lifestyle when so many places in this community, from business, government agencies, and nonprofits are only looking out for themselves. They don't care about anyone else. They think everyone should make poverty-level wages so that we all work three or four jobs just to pay the bills. Guess what people - $10 -$15/hr with a college degree and/or a skilled trades is not a good-livable wage. No wonder people aren't happy. Youngstown is terrible when it comes to how companies treat people and that trickles down to their families and home life. This is not 1950 anymore. Gas is $3.75 a gallon. It costs at least $50 to buy basic groceries for a few days. How can people live on what everyone wants to pay here. It's insane.

Suggest removal:

29Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago

Walter Sobchak ---

"Make no law establishing a religion" is lawyer-speak for dummies like you that don't understand the concept of "separation of church and state". It's a fancy way of saying ZERO religious dogma will be incorporated into laws of our land. Since public schools are supported by government-mandated taxes, that means ZERO Christian dogma allowed to be taught, promoted, or enforced upon young minds that need to ONLY learn the scientific truth.

Get it now, dippy? Now scurry off to Christ-Fil-A so you can pretend that you're wiping homosexuality off the Earth by clogging your arteries with cholesterol LOL. Only nimrods think like this!

Suggest removal:

30Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago

76Ytown ---

Real nice attitude you got there, bub. So I'm supposed to just turn a blind eye to the racist Tea Party scumbags who ruined my hometown?

I'm a fighter and a leader. Join my cause or get out of the way.

Suggest removal:

31kurtw(846 comments)posted 5 months ago

"racist Tea Party scumbags who ruined my hometown?"

Jeff, could you elaborate a bit on that. I don't understand your meaning and I'd love to be enlightened.


Suggest removal:

32stateline(69 comments)posted 5 months ago

Tea Party? I was almost positive Youngstown is as Blue and Liberal as has been for the past 50 years. Look where that got you.

Lots of good jobs in the area, people just don't want to work , or quit smoking dope. Oh Who would want to make $27 working for an evil Fracking company.

Suggest removal:

33stateline(69 comments)posted 5 months ago


I understand your point, but People need to realize that nobody owes you Anything. Just because you go to college doesn't mean people owe you a job. If people aren't willing to pay you what your worth, you may just not be worth it.

Suggest removal:

34ANTIYOUNGSTOWN(236 comments)posted 5 months ago

BJ- I love reading the comments section when people like you post. It`s always so entertaining. So many hilarious quotes.

BJ- “I'm a fighter and a leader. Join my cause or get out of the way.”

Big words coming from an anonymous poster who probably doesn`t do squat, yet complains about everything and blames everyone.

The hits keep rolling along.

Suggest removal:

35lumper(281 comments)posted 5 months ago

youngstown was rated as a great place to raise a family because housing is so cheap. housing is so cheap because no one wants to live here. the politics are extremely corrupt, the entitlement segment of society dominates and the weather sucks. thank goodness for concealed/carry.

Suggest removal:

36jeratboy(127 comments)posted 5 months ago

I left the area and am so glad I did. The sun shines almost everyday here. The poster that said most who leave come back is wrong. The population drop show that. I live in an area that NEVER had a steel mill, a car plant, or much manufacturing of any kind but we keep growing and growing. A service economy works but Y-Town people don't want to listen. We have hardly any unions. People live together by class not by race .Poor Hispanics, whites and blacks together. Rich whites Hispanics ,and blacks live together. IT WORKS! We also have liberal gun laws as if you want to carry you carry. No permit required. Your 1 party rule is what killed the Valley.

Suggest removal:

37Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago

"Oh Who would want to make $27 working for an evil Fracking company."

I bet the Russians who built the Chernobyl plant were saying that exact same thing in the early 80's.

I'll be laughing awfully hard when I see all the frackpot property values plummet to zero after the water table becomes irreversibly contaminated within 10 years.

Suggest removal:

38kurtw(846 comments)posted 5 months ago

The Chernobyl plant failed because the Soviet Centralized Economy at that time was in "free fall" and they weren't able to maintain it- also, totalitarian regimes don't normally create or tolerate environmental watchdog agencies and groups of the kind we, thankfully, have- therefore, there was no oversight that most likely would have prevented the accident. Furthermore, the design of the Chernobyl Plant was faulty from the beginning- so you had a badly designed plant, poorly maintained with no regulatory oversight. A "recipe for disaster" wouldn't you say and to use that incident as an excuse to dismiss or condemn the entire Nuclear Power Industry is illogical. You have to look at places- France for instance- where nuclear power has been used safely for decades- if you want to be fair, that is-"IF" you want to be fair (big "IF" reading your comments!).

Note: The failed "Three Mile Island" reactor was of the generation, roughly, as the one at Chernobyl- an early primitive design- again you have to look at the track record of the French in their Nuclear Industry- safely supplying roughly 70 per cent of their electric power- and preventing millions upon millions of tons of polluting coal from being burned yearly.

Suggest removal:

39Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago

"totalitarian regimes don't normally create or tolerate environmental watchdog agencies and groups of the kind we, thankfully, have"

Yeah, tell that to the good citizens of Dimock, PA, who had their ground water supply contaminated for the next 100 years by hydraulic fracturing approved by "watchdog agencies".

Will happen to the Mahoning Valley and surrounding areas --- not a matter of if, but when.

Suggest removal:

4076Ytown(1232 comments)posted 5 months ago

BJ: "I'm a fighter and a leader. Join my cause or get out of the way"

I think you're nothing but a big bully with little man syndrome.

Suggest removal:

41kk80586(227 comments)posted 5 months ago

" "Make no law establishing a religion" is lawyer-speak for dummies like you that don't understand the concept of "separation of church and state" "
Actually, if you had a clear understanding of the Constitution you would know that "Congress shall make no law establishing a religion" means EXACTLY that congress is forbidden from making any law that some religion is supreme or in control (i.e Church of England).
I don't know why you people find it so hard to understand the Constitution. You pretend it is all written in "lawyer-speak" and only lawyers (and you) can interpret it's meaning.
I've read through the Constitution a few times in my life and not too long ago I read through it carefully, specifically looking for something difficult to understand because it was written in "lawyer-speak". My finding was that it is written in plain old everyday english and that anyone with an IQ that is one point higher than yours can understand.
There is no need to "interpret" the Constitution... just read it. If you need help with the longer words let us know, we can help.
"...don't understand the concept of "separation of church and state" "
You're right on that...it IS a "concept", does not appear anywhere in the 1st Amendment or even in the whole Constitution, but don't let that stop you. Do some research on your little "concept"... see how it came about only after the Founders were long dead. If you understood the founding of this Country you would easily understand the Constitution.

Suggest removal:

42lumper(281 comments)posted 5 months ago

the look in that poor dog's eyes says it all, being forced to walk with a guy dressed like that !! poor puppy !

Suggest removal:

43rickking123(288 comments)posted 5 months ago

BJ is always amusing to read.

He goes to show what happens when you do too many 37.5 oz curls from the liquor store.

You post gibberish filled with hate.

Suggest removal:

44buckeye17(1 comment)posted 5 months ago

The last time I checked it's the dumbocratic that run this valley not the uneducated white tea party.

Suggest removal:

45walter_sobchak(1891 comments)posted 5 months ago

Intelligent people understand that the First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom had to do with the Founders reluctance to provide a state church with any power over individuals or the government. That is why I stated previously that any such law to place a limit on an individual on any matter, including governmental, that uses religion as its basis would be unlawful. Most people believe that the Bill of Rights GIVES the citizen rights, but that is not what it does. It is a limitation on the government's power to take the GOD-GIVEN rights away! As the Declaration so elegantly states, all men are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." RIGHTS EMANATE FROM GOD ALMIGHTY!

Suggest removal:

46Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago

"There is no need to "interpret" the Constitution... just read it. If you need help with the longer words let us know, we can help."

LOL --- yeah, I'm sure the good ole U.S. Constitution is quite easy to interpret. So what has the Supreme Court of the United States been doing for the past 235 years --- twiddling their thumbs behind closed doors because everybody clearly understands what the Constitution means?

You old white Tea Party kooks are cracking me up in here --- please keep posting your drivel because I need the comic relief !!

Suggest removal:

47Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago


Spoken just like a Taliban thug about to chop off a Afghan girl's head for showing her face in public.

Christian buffoonery riddles your nicotine-soaked brain matter while enlightened scientific minds like me change the world for the better.

Suggest removal:

48rickking123(288 comments)posted 5 months ago

Tell us what happens if you're wrong and there is an Almighty God that gets to judge you?

You think because you don't believe in God that therefore God doesn't exist?

Now that's funny.

Suggest removal:

49tired56(12 comments)posted 5 months ago


Why do you think that earning a living way translates to being owned anything. It doesn't have anything to do with me personally. If a job pays a particular salary or amount, it doesn't matter if I have it or someone else - that's what the job pays. I personally make well over that, however, I know many people that do not because that is what these organizations think is a fair and reasonable pay for this area. It's the mentality of people here. They can't get past 1950 and wake up to the fact that the cost of living has increased substantially. Furthermore, I also include people with skilled trades, not just college graduates in that category.

Suggest removal:

50Boardman_Jeff(49 comments)posted 5 months ago

rickking123 ---

You sound like a typical Christian --- basing your whole faith around pure conjecture and speculation about a vengeful Sky Daddy waiting to punish you for eternity.

It made for a nice story around the campfire in Jerusalem in the 3rd or 4th centuries --- dont you think it's time to get a new fairy tale, broh ??

Suggest removal:

51walter_sobchak(1891 comments)posted 5 months ago

Sorry, BJ
It is not me speaking but that rascal Taliban thug Thomas Jefferson that wrote the Declaration and the rest of the 55 white male WASP landowners that signed it! As taken directly from the document:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Yes, in their minds, the Creator was the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the Father of Jesus Christ, the savior of the human race. These 56 men put everything they had personally and financially on the line so that you have the freedom to question their character. Many paid the ultimate price of giving their lives to this ideal. All paid some price - lost spouses and children due to the civil war, many lost their land and possessions, some died penniless. This is what I teach young men in the Boy Scouts of America when I work with them on citizenship merit badges; the sacrifice of the Founders all on the belief of self-rule with a duty to God, self and country. And, to teach these young men to take a stake in our society and have active roles in their communitites to make it a better place to live because it is populated by some people that have designs on ending this great country as we know it. Lunchtime! Time to go support Chick-fil-A and load up on some LDL's and HDL's.

Suggest removal:

52NBees(43 comments)posted 5 months ago

Does anyone know or heard of anyone who knows someone who actually participated in this survey? Perception of well being, that's like asking people if the glass is half empty or half full when some of us want to know what is in the glass, is the liquid tinted or tainted, was the glass imported, how was it made, what does it look like, and if we set that glass on the window sill, will sunlight will dance pretty patterns across our floors. This valley is too diverse to take the opinions of a few and project it on us all.

Suggest removal:

53rickking123(288 comments)posted 5 months ago

Answer the question.

If I'm wrong then nothing will happen to me because I'll just be dead.

If you're wrong and there is a God what happens to you?

Maybe you should think about that instead of posting hate filled rants.

Suggest removal:

54AnotherAverageCitizen(1174 comments)posted 5 months ago

Just finding yesterday's headlined article interesting. "Valley Ranks Near Bottom In American Quality- Of -Life Index, published :3/26/14. Compared with today's headlined article, Austintown's Racino Construction On Track, published: 3/27/14.

One day the Valley is sunk on a survey regarding Quality-Of-Life ...the Next Day we see article to a Racino opening!

as stated:Well-being “is the combination of many aspects of life” and “is about the interaction between physical health, finding your daily work and experiences fulfilling, having strong social relationships and access to the resources you need, feeling financially secure and being part of true community,” As such, six domains of well-being make up the Well-Being Index: life evaluation, emotional health, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors and basic access.

Any extra thoughts?

Maybe the essence of "quality of life" gets a boost in a single day! We shall see in the fall when Valley Racino opens and a new survey re-evaluates quality- of- life for the valley again!

ahhh, what a concept!

Suggest removal:

55lumper(281 comments)posted 5 months ago

i still feel sorry for the puppy and i know that mutt is smarter than most people posting on this site.

Suggest removal:

56stateline(69 comments)posted 5 months ago

Tired: I apparently took your first comment the wrong way.

The world will always need ditch diggers, i'm sure you heard this and i'd hate to say it but its true.

also- Employees will only work hard enough not to get fired, and Employers will only pay and employee enough so they won't quit

not necessarily true, but is relevent

Its not always how much you make but how you spend your money that determines your quality of life.

People are running around in $150 shoes, with a $200 cable bill every month and spending $60 a week on carton of cigerettes. But bitch and complain when they can't pay the rent.

Now this isn't true for everyone i know, but as far as youngstown city goes i'd say a lot people fall into this "type"

i still don't think that people should get $15 to flip burgers.

Suggest removal:

57southsidedave(4780 comments)posted 5 months ago

I take short breaks from posting; yet, each time I return there is hatred and fear of other groups of people.

This discussion has turned into racial hatred, WHY? BTW, the article in question has nothing to do with the Constitution.

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58lajoci(200 comments)posted 5 months ago

"When stacked up against other U.S. metropolitan areas, the Mahoning Valley ranks close to the bottom in terms of overall well-being."

AND horizontal fracking and injection wells will further negatively impact the quality of life in the region.

Better git out now, while the gittens gooooood.

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59HSG(121 comments)posted 5 months ago

In response to any criticism of this community,Someone always says .but we have mill creek park! With fracking going on beneath it, of course.

People around here seem quite satisfied with low wages, low rents, short commutes and drive times, and easy access to groceries, shopping, etc. In many ways, in modern times, this is a really great place to live if you have a good (paying) job. If not, then not so much.

One of the themes here has to do with the chaos created by having one -party government when that party cannot handle the responsibility. Very valid points. Republicans are not the alternative.

Obesity rates here are staggering. Almost like Tennessee or Mississippi.

Let's form a symposium on this and make some recommendations. First meeting is at breakfast place with eggs bacon toast sausage and potatoes...and NO FRUIT, please. See you there.

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60JS(626 comments)posted 5 months ago

Yes, yes. A restaurant serving free food would make the quality of life much better! Icing on the cake would be home delivery of free drugs. Now we would be talking real quality that would have the endorsement of the masses.

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61Notorious_Pig(99 comments)posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

This is hilarious. It's simple....we only live once. I don't see the argument for living here unless we HAVE to live here (jobs, children, etc) If I were single and child-less, I would not be in Youngstown at all. It's crap here. Nothing good ever happens here. The roads stink, the schools stink, the weather stinks, the politicians stink, the restaurants stink, the job market stinks, the quality of life stinks...just about everything stinks. So yes, our ranking is justifiable. If you can move out of this area, DO IT!! NOW!!! And anyone arguing the fact that this area IS a desirable place to live should be tested for drugs and/or a serious mental disorder.

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62Search4Answers(722 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

This sounds about right.

Provided you have a decent job, places like Canfield and Poland aren't bad places to live.

The only answer to the question "Why Stay?" in this area is family. There are a lot of Mahoning Valley 'refugees' who left for obvious reasons that I've run into while traveling.

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6376Ytown(1232 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Yes, it's amazing how many people you meet in other states that are from Youngstown.

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64kurtw(846 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

A lot of the negatives about this area that I see listed in the survey are about individual choices and not part of the actual Mahoning Valley Infrastructure- for instance, Number of Obese People, Tobacco Use, Alcoholism Rate, People not running 3 Miles a Day, stuff like that- Well, what's stopping anyone from being all those people right here in Y-town? You can be a tee-totaling, macrobiotic, non-smoker (it goes without saying) guy or gal who runs six miles in the morning and then tops it off with 8 miles on the treadmill at night- followed by a "midnight snack" of alfalfa sprouts, mashed yeast, and carrot juice- or you can plop down in front of the TV and inhale a bag of Doritos washed down with 3 beers. It's your choice.

The thing I'm saying is- I go to the Y three times a week and I also go to the walking trails in Mill Creek Park and I see plenty of wonderfully fit people- lean trim, jogging their asses off, and I also see people like myself- not so lean, not so trim, and managing just to walk- I also see poor souls at the Y (many of them much younger than me)- so horribly obese their stomach meets their knees. It's a matter of individual choice.

Youngstown has so many good things going for it- listing them would be too time consuming- Mainly the low cost of living (compared to no three on the survey- Frisco- try to buy a house in that town? Ha.)

Everything else is a matter of individual choice. Speaking of that- Time for a snack- pass me a plate of Mashed Yeast washed down with Carrot Juice- no, on second thought, how about some Doritos and another Yuengling. Individual Choice, see.

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65zz3(931 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Geeez our fine citizens go out hunting every night and usually a couple of bodies by morning. You have to be in shape to do that. You try to carry all that copper in the middle of the night, it's a bit*h. Ya gotta give them something for that.

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66kurtw(846 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Number One in the Survey (as most desirable place to live) is Provo, Utah. Provo Utah! Who the hell wants to live in Provo, Utah- except a tee-totaling Masochist. Dominated by Mormons, with the most restrictive liqueur laws in the country and, worst of all, a miserable climate (unless you like 90 plus all Summer- Oh, yes, everybody tells me, it's "Dry Heat"- still like being in an Oven or a desiccant machine) and the cost of living is staggering- you probably couldn't afford to buy a house there- as in Frisco- no 3 on the list. People ought to start looking at their own grass a little more closely- just as green as next door.

Youngstown ain't so bad, I say! I mean, If you have to be miserable- you might as well be miserable in a place where the cost of living is reasonable, right? (Also, I like Winter- hate Summer heat- each to their own...)

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67kurtw(846 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Boardman Jeff says: "The Mahoning Valley is a toxic waste dump of humanity compared to the rest of the country. This is where unapologetic racism and silly Christian dogma trumps common sense and decency. A town where people watch the movie "Noah" or "Passion of the Christ" and brainwash their kids to believe everything in them as historical fact, but then spend hours mocking the new "Cosmos" series as promoting "ridiculous" ideas like evolution and the Big Bang. These idiots want to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Old Testament."

Oh, really. Try going to Provo, Utah- number one on the survey- best place to live. Run by Mormons not known for their enlightened views- talk about "silly Christian Dogma": six wives, preferably brought in as children, views on Black People and Homosexuals not exactly progressive (they've toned it down lately- bad for the Tourist trade) and their views on Evolution, I'm sure, would be a lot closer to Brigham Young's than Carl Sagan's.

I don't know where you've spent most of your time in Y-town- but I've lived here many years- and I've met very few people who fit your description .Youngstowner's are actually pretty good people, on balance, but, of course, you find Bigots everywhere- As you demonstrate.

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68cambridge(2995 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

kurtw....FYI, the reason it cost so much to live in San Francisco is because it's worth it. I wouldn't think of living anywhere else.

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69kurtw(846 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Good for you Cambridge! I really mean it. Where do you live? In an apartment- or do you have your own house? What do you have to spend every month for rent or a mortgage (assuming you have one). Could someone with an average- or slightly below average- income or a retired individual on a fixed income afford to live in your fair city? Isn't it true that in lovely Frisco most of the people in the Service Sector- fast food workers and the like who cater to the needs of the "beautiful people"- have to commute far away in trailer parks every day- because housing in your lovely community is unaffordable to them?

Y-town may be ugly as hell, I know (though is there a park in Frisco as beautiful as Mill Creek Park?) but here at least average people can afford to put a roof over their heads- and retired people don't have to wander homeless (what's the rate of homelessness in your Fair City?)- that means a hell of a lot to me. Besides I like the Wintertime, Do you Get Snow?

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70kurtw(846 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Another point, the damn Hills would drive me nuts. Everything is built into a Hillside. Pretty strenuous I'd say. Just walking up to your doorstep would be a major operation- not so bad if you're going "downhill"- but, I've been going downhill for a while anyway so that's a downer. And then you have the earthquakes to worry about- and if you swim in the ocean the sharks will get you. No thanks, I'll take the Midwest, Thank you! (Another point, they're running out of potable water (the kind you can drink- not salt water) and we have the Great Lakes. Forget it- give me Ohio.

I'll bet they're are just as many people- as a percentage of the population- in lovely Frisco miserable and discontented as in ugly Y-town. That's just human nature. Grass is greener, etc. etc.

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71kurtw(846 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

Talking about the rating for Frisco- third or fourth nationwide in the rating- part of that was due to the fact they cheated. The area included in the survey was San Francisco and Oakland- no mention of Richmond. Richmond is the poorer part of the San Francisco Bay Area- with demographics- income, poverty rate, etc. similar to that of Youngstown and- not being included- would be similar to a survey of the Youngstown Area not including Youngstown- just Canfield, Boardman and Poland. It's cheating. And just to put the matter in perspective- Richmond, California- part of greater San Francisco- has an average annual income of just $44,000 yearly. Try supporting yourself in San Francisco- with the highest cost of living in the country- on $44,000 a year- and that's just the Average- which means 50 per cent make less than that. By comparison, in Youngstown, you can live decently for that kind of money. Count your blessings.

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72cambridge(2995 comments)posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

kurtw....you seem to be an expert on the San Francisco Bay Area. How much time have you spent there, exactly.

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73city_resident(510 comments)posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

I've never been to S.F., but I'm sure it's a great city. Its high price tag shows that there is high demand for quality urban living in the US.

But, I like living in Youngstown because: although there may be fewer amenities, (though still more than enough for me) and my annual salary may be 1/3 of what it would be in S.F., my house and neighborhood are as rich in architectural character as most of those in S.F., and for 1/50 the price.

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74Robert_Neville(119 comments)posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

I can not believe what I am reading. I can tell you after being in Iraq for two year with DOS and two years in Afghanistan with DOS. Youngstown is a great place to be. I can tell you that the air is clean, you do not have that dead animal smell. It seemed like every week they were killing my new best friend. It was really hard to a best friend to walk or run three miles a week with.

The fact is people want to impose there believes on people and the fact is all it does is splits a country into two separate parts. Y-town is not that bad when you compare it to a war torn country (you could be in Syria). Just my take on the subject.

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75zz3(931 comments)posted 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Don't worry in 20-yrs this will be the new Syria

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