ABCs and iPads

Staff report

north jackson

Learning the ABCs is not just about reciting a catchy tune these days, especially for the kindergarten students at Jackson-Milton Elementary School.

The students in Sue Pozy’s class are using iPads to learn sight words, add and subtract and even Web browsing.

“This is the third year that we have been using the iPads in kindergarten. Each of my students has their own, and we use them every day,” said Pozy.

Jackson-Milton schools has a ratio of 1.5 for student to technology. The iPads were purchased with funds from a Race to the Top grant, as well as other general funds. The use of technology in the classroom is a must in today’s world in order for children to advance and stay competitive in a rapidly changing global society, school officials said.

Pozy, a 14-year veteran teacher, said, “Learning has changed, so our methods of teaching have to change.

The students were so excited to use the iPads at the beginning of the year because it was so new, but now it’s second nature to them. They just know how to use the device and they have so much fun using them. It’s amazing the things they can do. It’s neat to have the Internet as well. We’ve looked up things with the iPads, so it’s just wonderful to have that access.”

Not only are the students using apps to teach them reading and math, but by using the device, they are learning everyday skills. “In order for the students to operate the iPads, they have to listen, practice their coordination skills and follow complex instructions. Using the different learning apps sparks their interests and engages them in the lesson,” said Jackson-Milton Elementary School principal Joe DiLoreto.

He said it’s a new way to learn.

“The older ways need to get with the program because technology is the wave of the future,” DiLoreto said. “These kids are great at it. They teach us.”

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