Grievance filed by Teamsters over inmate work is baseless

Grievance filed by Teamsters over inmate work is baseless

I am in complete agreement with a recent Letter to the Editor and with The Vindicator’s opinion on March 11. Both address using “nonincarcerated inmates” to pick up the slack for filling the out-of-control and numerous potholes on Mahoning County roads. These inmates will be supervised by Patrick Ginnetti, Mahoning County engineer, and Sheriff Jerry Greene with their task of paying back to Mahoning County for their crimes instead of sitting in the jail without any punishment for their minor crime(s).

Unfortunately, unnecessary grievances are notorious with the Valley labor unions for they are so narrow-minded with their complaints and grievances that they cannot see that this immediate task of helping to fill potholes is very temporary and it will not hinder their future as laborers with the Mahoning County roadways.

These Teamster Local 377 members will be free to tackle the major roadway construction that will be needed when this winter weather breaks and their mind-set of “overtime pay” will be waiting for them with the better weather.

I was also a member of the AFL-CIO when I was employed, and I also was on the board of the local AFL-CIO labor organization. All those times, I was very despondent with union members when they provided grievances of their workplace in the same manner as being done with this Teamster Local 377. They have to bear in mind that these “non-incarcerated inmates” are local criminals, and this is their punishment. If the future criminals know that they will be doing physical work for their crimes, they will learn this lesson and they will try to stay clean and within the law. Then, the Teamsters Local 377 members will have no interference with such “minor tasks.” In addition, the nonpayment to these “temporary criminal workers” is not costing Mahoning County any expense that will be available for these Teamster Local 377 members in the near future.

So, let Engineer Ginnetti and Sheriff Greene guide these temporary inmates with their task, and let’s get on with more important roadway tasks on Mahoning County roads.

Neil Frasca, Youngstown