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Today is Thursday, March 20, the 79th day of 2014. There are 286 days left in the year. Spring arrives at 12:57 p.m. EDT.


On this date in:

1727: Physicist, mathematician and astronomer Sir Isaac Newton dies in London.

1815: Napoleon Bona-parte returns to Paris after escaping his exile on Elba, beginning his “Hundred Days” rule.

1852: Harriet Beecher Stowe’s influential novel about slavery, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” is first published in book form after being serialized.

1922: The decommissioned USS Jupiter, converted into the first U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, is recommissioned as the USS Langley.

1933: The state of Florida electrocutes Giuseppe Zangara for shooting to death Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak at a Miami event attended by President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt, the presumed target, the previous February.

1952: The U.S. Senate ratifies, 66-10, the Treaty of Peace with Japan.

1964: Irish poet, author and playwright Brendan Behan, 41, dies in Dublin.

1969: John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in Gibraltar.


1989: For the first time in three years, Youngstown City Council is considering a proposed budget that won’t require employee cuts to balance it.

In a Vindicator interview, The Rev. Richard Braun, pastor of John Knox Presbyterian Church at 1806 Market St. for 27 years, says he has seen church membership drop from 1,400 to 300 and he has buried about 600 of his members.

Perry Fortner of Rayen and Marcus Edwards of East are unanimous selections to the 1989 All-City Basketball Team. Others on the first team are Charles Penson, East; Ray Marrow, South, and Kevin Kernan, Chaney.

1974: Nationally syndicated Columnist Jim Bishop features Mrs. Charles Sittig, a Canfield High School music teacher, in his column. He reprints a letter she wrote taking issue with his flip comment in an earlier column that “they spend billions on a cure for cancer; science can’t cure a cold.” Mrs. Sittig is battling cancer of the tongue.

Youngstown Mayor Jack C. Hunter orders a crackdown on property owners who are abandoning more and more dilapidated houses, which the city must condemn and raze. The city awarded a $10,000 contract for the demolition of 18 houses.

Andrew L. Turscak, a sales representative for the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., is named to the Campbell Board of Education to fill the unexpired term of Kenneth Brayer, who resigned.

1964: Some 5,300 people, including President Lyndon B. Johnson and his family, attend Youngstown Congressman Michael Kirwan’s St. Patrick’s Day Party in Washington, D.C., which also served as the 1964 national Democratic congressional dinner.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources rejects a request by the Youngstown Park and Recreation Commission that the state build recreational facilities at Lake Milton.

Youngstown’s four downtown banks expect to receive their first shipments of the new John F. Kennedy half dollars within five days.

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