Francis extends global reach with his down-to-earth style

Francis extends global reach with his down-to-earth style

I read an article about Pope Francis bringing American Catholics to their knees. Why? It’s simple; he is a down-to-earth person. He lives a simple life style, he rules from the heart not by a book and does not judge anyone. This is how you touch people’s hearts.

His head is not in a cloud; he lives at ground zero. When you live at ground zero (poor), you see people for what they truly are and how they struggle. Pope Francis does not like power struggles or worldly possessions and says to avoid the thought that the more possessions you own makes you a better person.

I’m sure a few people will disagree and leave the church, but more people are coming back. He believes that nonbelievers are searching for the truth and this makes them valued allies.

When he was elected he chose to live in the Vatican guest house and not in the Apostolic Palace. He even donated a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which I think he should have kept, but decided to auction off his holy hog instead, and the money was donated. Yes, the church has issues but Pope Francis is not Superman.

Richard Ellis, Youngstown