Scrapping plans for consolidation will hurt YSU telecom students

Scrapping plans for consolidation will hurt YSU telecom students

The Youngstown State uni- versity Board of Trustees announced plans to move telecommunications and journalism departments to Melnick Hall are cancelled due to financial woes. For many it seems this is not a major deal or something that won’t affect many students attending YSU. But it has more impact than what surfaces.

Currently, The Jambar student news-paper is in Fedor Hall, The News Outlet is in Jones Hall, WYSU operates from Cushwa and Rookery Radio broadcasts from Kilcawley Center. All of the outlets are run and funded separately. They have little connection to one another, and rarely share information.

The Jambar focuses on news pertaining strictly to the university, while The News Outlet deals with more investigative enterprise stories statewide. Although their news stories most of the time do not intertwine, there are most likely dozens of great story ideas lying on the editors desks of each outlet that they could give to the other.

If both were in the same building and could talk regularly, more stories would come to life. Better information would be shared, and quite frankly, multimedia journalism would be attainable.

Students in both organizations were extremely disappointed when news broke out that we were losing Melnick. The only media that will be located out of Melnick at this time will be WYSU, because of funding purposes. Communication between the organizations and the board was limited, and we had no idea this was the end result to our much-anticipated new building proposition.

I have written for The Jambar for this academic school year, and have seen many structural issues that we have dealt with as a result of being in the basement of Fedor. We have water leaking through our ceiling every time it rains, which is an issue when we have computers and equipment in the office. We are located far away from the main core of campus buildings, an issue the News Outlet also deals.

We are grateful for our office and being able to gain valuable experience in a newsroom, but we are still students learning how to do this thing we call news. Having other students and mentors all located in one building would add to the value of our experience in college, and would give us newer facilities to help make our environment more modern and fresh.

We spend dozens of hours every week in our media offices, and we deserve renovations too.

JoAnne Tombo, Hubbard