There’s a simple solution to the pothole problem: Just fill them

There’s a simple solution to the pothole problem: Just fill them

Lately the pothole problem has been out of control. It seems like you can’t even leave your house without diving into a big pothole. These are not little dents in the road, these potholes are mammoth craters. They have been causing destruction to cars all around the area.

What can we do about this problem so innocent people just trying to go about their business can stop spending money on new tires and other various parts for their vehicle because of running into potholes? There is no way to avoid this issue and it is making driving unbearable. These potholes need filled immediately. What is the money that is getting taken out of mine and many other working citizens’ paychecks going for? This problem is increasing and it seems like winter is not letting up. If this problem does not get fixed soon cities are going to have to deal with many resident complaints, which they probably are already facing.

This issue is not just in the Mahoning County, this is a nationwide issue. So why is it almost March and the potholes are just now starting to get semi filled? If I could fill the potholes myself I would.

I am a tax-paying citizen and I should not have to travel daily over these potholes wondering if my tire is going to pop or not. I understand it still is going to snow, but we also had many days when there was no snow and the city could have got a jump start on the pothole problem. If this problem is not getting fixed, then I hope the city is ready to pay for new tires and alignment for my car.

Jenna Latcheran, Niles