Despite NFL players coming out, many gays still fighting for rights

Despite NFL players coming out, many gays still fighting for rights

The past few weeks have been an eye opener for Hollywood and the National Football League. These two organizations are a huge source of entertainment in the United States. But the NFL and Hollywood have not been without their socially administered stereotypes.

Both convey strong images of masculinity in their exhibitions. Hollywood contains a few more explosions and car chases but has still administered its fair dose of misogyny.

Michael Sam and Ellen Page are both highly talented individuals within their field of specialty. Both have also recently revealed their true sexual identities. The two exist within communities that have dealt with sexual orientation in a number of unaccepting ways.

Page and Sam stand on a ground of prominence. It gives me hope for the future that the NFL and Hollywood will be more accepting of actors and athletes and their sexual orientation. Seeing these two being true and braving the storm will surely inspire others to follow.

Turning the pages of The Vindicator recently, I found an article that dampened my mood slightly. The article written about a Ugandan tabloid that listed its “top 200 gays” was quite alarming. Living in a nation dealing with social change, existing among and within it. has narrowed my perception. To think that just across the ocean human beings are being persecuted for loving another. It is frustrating.

I took the recent string of public-figure acknowledgements and considered them victories. They are, but many triumphs must follow. Acknowledge the positive motions, but do not forget about the task at hand. There is still a considerable amount of work to do.

William Ludt, East Palestine