Stadium Drive has Valentine’s Day party


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Fourth-grade students looked at their Valentines during the party at Stadium Drive Elementary.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Students in Tami Socie's kindergarten class ate at Stadium Drive Elementary's Valentine's Day party.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Student's in Donna Fortunato's fourth-grade class at Stadium Drive Elementary ate at the school's Valentine's Day party.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.A fourth-grade student at Stadium Drive Elementary bit into a cookie at the Valentine's Day party.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Kindergarten students at Stadium Drive Elementary enjoyed the school's Valentine's Day party.


Valentine’s Day parties at Stadium Drive Elementary were offered on Feb. 13 in each individual class, leaving the theme of the party up to each class.

The school, which has nearly 400 students in grades kindergarten through fourth, had different ideas throughout the building.

“Our teachers and our PTA parents worked together and collected the traditional treats or snacks for the kids, then the parents come in and help,” Principal Jim Goske said. “Just some games that they play and some things that they do in the classroom for about a half hour or so. It’s a day that the kids really look forward to. It’s a fun end of the day for them.”

In Tami Socie’s kindergarten class, the students did several activities in celebration of the holiday.

“They passed out Valentines and read Valentine’s stories,” Socie said. “Then they discussed the meaning of love, and had grapes, oranges, cookies, juice boxes and candy Valentines.”

Donna Fortunato teaches fourth grade and she tied her class’s party into education.

“They’re having a Valentine’s party,” she said. “The kids are passing out treats and they’re bringing out some snacks. They played some Valentine’s games already for their spelling test. They’re having oranges, grapes, tangerines. They have a fruit punch drink and they also have some cookies.”

One of the students in Fortunato’s 25-member class is Jason Triveri. He said he had a good time at the party and also got an A on the spelling test that was given.

“We took our spelling test earlier and then we ate some candy and that’s it,” he said.

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