Library hosts duct tape event


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Robbie Williamson cut strips of duct tape in making his wallet at the Boardman library.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.A finished wallet made of duct tape sat on a table at the Boardman library during the duct tape event Feb. 13.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Madeline Dunchak spoke to children about duct tape at the event at the Boardman library.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Some of the materials used to create duct tape wallets sat on a table along with books about duct tape.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Madeline Dunchak helped Robbie Williamson in making his duct tape wallet at the Boardman library.


On Feb. 13, Boardman Library offered an event that was not only educational and creative, it allowed the participants to create something that was practical and they could use in the future.

The library had its ‘Show Your Love with Duct Tape’ event, where participants created wallets using duct tape. Four youngsters participated in the event.

“I wanted something that would appeal to both boys and girls,” said young adult librarian Madeline Dunchak, who put on the event. “I wanted something that was popular. If you make a bracelet, that’s strictly a girl. If you made one of those Mindcraft things, that’s strictly for boys. This would be something that hopefully would appeal to both boys and girls.”

Dunchak was asked how long she’s been doing creative events such as that.

“I haven’t been doing it very long,” she said. “I just started in June of last year doing it.”

Two of the participants were brother and sister Robbie and Kassie Williamson, both of Boardman.

“My sister talked me into it,” said Robbie. “I decided I wanted to and my other wallet’s getting old.”

“Me and my dad made a wooden car that has a mouse trap in it and it sets off when it hits something,” he said when asked if he had made any other creative things.

Kassie said her interest in duct tape was the main reason she wanted to participate in the project.

“I’m not really into doing creative things,” said Kassie. “I just like duct tape. I had something and I covered it with duct tape I got for Christmas.”

Dunchak said the project had many benefits for those who participated in it.

“They get something to take home and use,” she said. “It’s useful or they can give it as a gift. That’s always nice. If there’s time and I have enough, they can make two. Keep one, give one to a friend. They can learn how to use duct tape to make other things with. There’s that thing where you make a prom gown and you can win like $5,000. There’s a lot of things you can make with duct tape. Maybe it might open up other avenues for them to explore in making things with duct tape.”

Dunchak added that she has other events coming up in the near future.

“The next project I’m going to be doing is coming up next month,” she said. “It’s going to have to do with making jewelry. Both boys and girls wear certain kinds of jewelry. We’re going to gear it towards a bracelet that can be worn either by a gentleman or a young lady.”

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