Taxpayers can’t afford new school

Taxpayers can’t afford new school

When I need a new roof, I don’t tear my house down; I put on a new roof. As far as matching funds for building a new Fitch High School, there is something to think about.

If someone offers you a $5 million mansion, you can’t sell it, you have to live in it and can’t rent it out for profit, then you have to maintain it, pay all taxes and insurance on it. Would you accept it? No, because 90 percent of us couldn’t afford the upkeep. The same is true here with the proposed new high school. Austintown schools can’t afford it, we taxpayers can’t afford it, but they want it.

Andy Pappagallo Sr., Austintown

Urge lawmakers to oppose bill that would hurt disabled

Ohio House Bill 333 should be a wake-up call for the disabled community of this state.

This bill, introduced by Rep. Michael Stinziano, D-41st, last November is in the hands of the House Judiciary Committee. It is intended to protect landlords and business owners against “frivolous” lawsuits filed by disabled individuals with repeated requests for renovations or accessibility access in rental housing units.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law by the first Bush administration in 1990. This legislation protects the civil rights of the disabled population. However, if HB 333 is passed, it will decrease compliance by giving landlords and businessmen the opportunity to ignore accessibility laws if no complaints come from the disabled community within 120 days.

Therefore, HB 333 is unconstitutional, as it may be inconsistent with the ADA of 1990, which is a federal law.

As an officer with the Ohio Association of the Deaf, I urge the disabled community in the Mahoning Valley to make an effort by contacting representatives to voice opposition to this misguided bill that would proliferate barriers if passed this year. A strong voice from all disabled will bring the Ohio Bill 333 to its defeat. Take action.

Irene Tunanidas, Poland

Tunanidas is vice president of the Ohio Association of the Deaf.