CVS rightly says no to tobacco

Grand Haven (Mich.) Tribune: CVS Caremark Corp. recently decided to pull tobacco products from its store shelves. Love it or hate it, good for the management of CVS for taking a stand for what they believe in.

There are those who disagree with the store’s choice and feel that the decision to purchase the product should be left up to the consumer. However, people can still purchase tobacco products, just not any longer at CVS pharmacies.

What about soda pop? Candy? Snacks and chips? Should those items be pulled from the shelves, too?

If the purpose for pulling the products is a healthier community, one could make the argument that those products should also be pulled from the shelves. Obesity, especially childhood obesity, is a major health care issue, and much of that can be attributed to those products that kids consume.

The difference is that the occasional bag of chips or candy bar doesn’t have the same negative impact as the occasional smoke does on those who consume them.

We hope that, regardless of the financial impact, CVS Caremark will stick to its guns.

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