More and more Republicans in Valley move over to dark side

More and more Republicans in Valley move over to dark side

I am aware that most poli- tical people elected or employed don’t see the dollars they spend the same way working Americans do. They tend to treat it like Monopoly money (play money).

The actions of the Mahoning County Board of Elections recently showcases this quite clearly. That they were given inaccurate (the kindest spin) information doesn’t excuse their failure to verify said information.

To state that this wasn’t a raise but a cost-of-living increase was another sign of how out of touch people who suck from the “Golden Trough” are. My $20 per month ($240 per year increase) was for cost of living. The $2,250 per year increase the person making that statement would have received was a raise.

I don’t know if the false figures given were a mistake or deliberate, but dishonesty or incompetence should both mean the board should have accepted the offer of resignation whether it was sincere or not.

Being a registered and often rabid Republican, I am quite disappointed in election board member Tracey Winbush who seems to feel taxpayers should support the Golden Trough and keep government employees sheltered from the declining economy at all cost.

I am beginning to doubt my own political choices as I see more and more Republicans going over to the dark side.

My main reason for supporting the Republicans is my 76-plus years (56 of which were living in the city) watching the Mahoning Valley being destroyed by the single-party rule of Democrats.

Robert J. Husted, New Springfield