Akron woman charged in fake currency scheme

Akron woman charged in fake currency scheme


Boardman police arrested an Akron woman on warrants for criminal simulation after she was accused of using counterfeit currency.

Alice Brunson, 29, or Superior Avenue is charged with four counts of criminal simulation.

Brunson is accused of going to the Coach store in the Southern Park Mall and using fake money to buy a Coach handbag and two bottles of handbag maintainer for a total of $618 on Dec. 21, according to a police report.

The store manager told police Brunson paid with 14 marked $50 U.S. bills.

Brunson is also accused of using counterfeit money on Dec. 21 at Ulta Beauty on U.S. Route 224.

The purchase at Ulta was more than $300 and seven counterfeit $50 bills were used.

A court date has not been set for Brunson.

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