Union Elementary kindergarten class puts on play


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.The Union Elementary students lined up at the conclusion of the kindergarten play "The Picnic."


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Union Elementary students (from left) Elizabeth Rutana, Alexa James and Jake O'Bruba recited their lines during the kindergarten play.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Union Elementary teacher Gina Chiaro talked to the parents before the start of the kindergarten class play "The Picnic."



As she has done every year that she has been a teacher, Gina Chiaro ended the school year by having her kindergarten class put on a play.

This year’s play was on June 9 at Union Elementary. Chiaro’s 19-student class performed “The Picnic.”

“I’ve always done a play ever since I started [teaching] 14 years ago,” Chiaro said. “It’s a nice way to wrap it up. This ties into our social studies and science standards. It’s a fun thing to do and it also has a lesson incorporated in it.”

The lesson of the play was about conservation and recycling, making sure the Earth is kept clean for future generations.

Chiaro said the class did a good job in preparing for the play with not a lot of time to do it.

“This class was excellent at memorizing their lines,” she said. “I sent home their parts every year on a little piece of paper and they practice with family. Then we set up the setting with murals. The kids create those on their own. They talk about ideas, they come up with words. It’s a great way to brainstorm some ideas about the concept of taking care of our Earth. It’s pretty extensive preparation. This class has really nicely and easily done a good job. They didn’t have much time this year, maybe 10 days to prepare.”

Elizabeth Rutana was one of the students in the play. She said she enjoyed doing the play.

“I liked the play because it taught a good lesson,” she said. “Keeping the Earth clean.”

Chiaro said teamwork was another lesson the students learned from doing the play.

“The lesson that they learned from doing this is that you need to work together,” she said. “Cooperation is the word. To keep the Earth clean and you have to start at a very young age taking care of the natural resources, the water, the trees, for years to come that our Earth stays intact. The lessons that they learn are about recycling glass, metal, plastic, those kinds of things, and making sure they pick up after themselves.”

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