CHC fourth-graders celebrate music in America


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.C.H. Campbell Elementary School fourth-grader Colin Burdette proudly showed his hot air balloon art project during Destination: America! An Evening of Art and Music May 20.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.C.H. Campbell Elementary School fourth-graders performed "(That’s Why) They Call it Country" during Destination: America! An Evening of Art and Music May 20.


Neighbors | Abby Slanker.C.H. Campbell Elementary School fourth-graders, under the direction of Michael Fay, performed "Go, Go, Go Guitars" during Destination: America! An Evening of Art and Music May 20.


C.H. Campbell Elementary School fourth-graders, under the direction of music teacher Michael Fay, presented Destination: America! An Evening of Art and Music by John Jacobson and Roger Emerson on May 20. Friends and family members gathered at the Canfield High School auditorium to enjoy music from around America, including rock and roll, country, Broadway and Motown.

The students began their program with “Destination: America!,” with Fatima Amin, Elly Beshara, Taylor Calfee, Layni Bednar, Melissa Marenkovic, Paolo Papalia, Brandon Paridon, Bryce Ratliff-Wadolowski, Luke Roman, Toby Smith, A.J. Wise, Keith Scott and Nick Wogan serving as rappers. Eva Johnson introduced the piece.

Bridgett Kelly introduced the next number, “Hitsville, U.S.A.” Mowtown dancers included Bridgett Kelly, Jackie Kinnick, Jake Johnson, Sarah Klepec, Ally Quirk and Jacob Prout.

The next song the students performed was “(That’s Why) They Call it Country,” introduced by Natalie Reese. Line dancers included Isabella Morehart, Jaden Jaffer, Isabella Bellino, Taylor Stanslowski, Tori Hartman, Catherine Esper, Zach Ahmed, Madison Clark, Sabrina Goodrich, Hope Shoemake, Payton Phillips, Connor Mulichak, John Heino, Bella Neapolitan, Julia Mosher, Alyson Gonda and Nicholas Bowen.

Colin Burdette introduced the fourth number, “Go, Go, Go Guitars.” Glam rock dancers included Emily Wilson, Talia Mollica, Ayoub Salama, Soha Bajwa, Bayann Jadallah, Lily-Ann LaComb, Riley Kostelic, Peyton Meyers and Ally Wilson. Ayoub Salama served as solo air guitarist.

“All Aboard for Broadway” was next in the program, with Emily Wilson, Ayoub Salama, Lily-Ann Lacomb, Madi Klughart, Bayann Jadallah, Talia Mollica, Rian Dunn, Catherine Esper, Zach Ahmed, John Heino, Bridgett Kelly, Jackie Kinnick, Jacob Prout, Sarah Klepec, Ally Quirk, Jake Johnson, Anthony Scarmack, Luke Roman, Keith Scott, A.J. Wise, Tori Hartman and Julie Mosher performing as Broadway singers. Riley Kostelic introduced the number.

The students then performed “It’s American as Rock N Roll,” with soloists Jake Johnson, Anthony Scarmack, Julia Mosher and Talia Mollica. The performace was introduced by Jackie Kinnick.

Zach Ahmed introduced the closing song, “Reprise: Destination: America!,” during which the students came out into the audience and sang in the aisles.

The students’ featured art work was displayed in the high school’s cafeteria. C.H Campbell art teacher Diane Leonard organized the art portion of the evening.

Artwork the students displayed included The Mica Hand, an Ohio artifact. The students observed an example of The Mica Hand, an artifact from an early tribe of people in Ohio. They traced their hands in several different positions and learned various drawing techniques, including sketching, contour, stippling and shading.

While the fourth-graders were reading about hot air balloons in class, they used the opportunity in the Art Room to learn color theory through the giant balloons. Students reviewed primary, secondary and tertiary colors, while learning about warm, cool, neutral analogous and complementary families of color.

While studying primary and secondary source documents in social studies, students used the opportunity to create a secondary source document for their own families, They recorded family names on trees and added cultural items important to their families.

The students created self-portraits - then and now. Students first drew themselves on the first day of Art class in fourth grade. Following instruction, students then drew themselves again, hopefully offering more information for the viewers.

The fourth-graders also created a project involving quilling. They learned the paper is traditionally rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greeting cards, pictures, boxes, eggs and to make models, jewelry, mobiles, etc.

Also on display were a variety of enrichment projects the students worked on throughout the year.

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