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Southington trustee receives written reprimand for vote involving his son

Published: 6/26/14 @ 12:02

Staff report


The Ohio Ethics Commission has issued a written reprimand to Southington Township Trustee Daniel Tietz for failing to abstain from voting to appoint his son to a paid position on the township zoning board of appeals.

According to a settlement agreement signed by the ethics commission and Daniel Tietz, the trustee participated in the appointment Jan. 3, 2013, of his son, Ryan.

Daniel Tietz acknowledges that the facts support allegations that he violated Ohio law regarding a public official having an unlawful interest in a public contract.

His vote also violated Ohio law prohibiting a public official from receiving something of value that might affect his decision- making in his public role, the agreement says.

There are mitigating factors that allowed the ethics commission to settle the matter administratively rather than through criminal charges, the agreement says.

One is that the zoning board met only one time after Ryan Tietz’s appointment and the township halted Ryan Tietz’s payment of $22.50 for the one meeting he attended.

These steps were taken after township officials learned that the ethics commission was investigating the matter.

Township trustees acted Jan. 3, 2014, exactly one year later, to rescind Ryan Tietz’s appointment to the board, then immediately voted to reappoint him to the position with Daniel Tietz abstaining on the vote.

Also, Daniel Tietz was cooperative with the investigation, the ethics commission said.

“Further, he agrees to not participate in any matters related to his son’s public role and duties on the zoning board in the future,” the agreement says.

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