Are there any moral judges left who will oppose gay marriage?

Are there any moral judges left who will oppose gay marriage?

I read this newspaper day after day, week after week, and ask myself: Is there going to be even one judge in this whole country who will have the decency and courage to lead by saying no to this abomination of same-sex marriage, this mocking of God’s law?

Are these judges’ positions so important in this world that they will sacrifice their own immortal soul, not to mention many other souls who will be affected by their wrongful decision (mainly children)? They are bringing down the judgment of God on this country. I guess they think Sodom and Gomorrah was fable.

This sin is so abominable in the eyes of God that it is one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance. Anyone who is bold enough to be involved and allow by this jurisdiction something like this to go on, having no fear of almighty God, is truly more than foolish.

There is a place called hell, and many people do go there. At the end of life, every one of us, even the ones who deny God and his laws, are going to be judged and answer to him.

I ask again, is there even one judge in this, our beloved country, who will stand up for God and his law? I pray to God there is more than that.

Margaret Marsh, Youngstown

Liberty residents blackmailed

A RECENT editorial contains an interesting sentence. “In Liberty Township, residents this May approved one of the few additional levies that passed in the Valley to repair a plethora of pockmarked township roads.”

Really? Is that what you think happened? The trustees cried poor and blackmailed the taxpayers into a new tax with threats of unfilled potholes and crumbling roads.

No money was available for repairs, but there was plenty of money for a 4 percent pay raise for road department employees. I wonder how many township homeowners got a 4 percent raise this year.

Don Johnson, Liberty