Youngstown 2014 street resurfacing

Published: Fri, June 20, 2014 @ 12:00 a.m.

The city’s board of control awarded a nearly $1.3 million contract for street resurfacing to R.T. Vernal Paving & Excavating Inc. of North Lima. Paving of the 22 lane lines is expected to begin in mid-July and take about 75 days to complete. The streets to be resurfaced:

1st Ward

Ridge Avenue from Glenwood Avenue to Overland Avenue.

Custer Avenue from Elm Street to the dead end.

Florencedale Avenue from Bissell Avenue to Broadway.

Bryson Street from Saranac Avenue to Thornton Avenue.

Bryson from Bissell to Thornton.

Thornhill Road from Loretta Avenue to Youngstown-Hubbard Road.

Sunshine Avenue from McGuffey Road to Kimmel Street.

Dale Street from Sunshine to Lansdowne Boulevard.

Garland Avenue from Springdale Avenue to Hill Street.

East High Avenue from Garland to Albert Street.

Overland Avenue from Breaden Street to Garfield Avenue.

Edwards Street from Carroll Street and Falls Avenue.

Myrtle Avenue from Glenwood to Overland.

2nd Ward

Arch Street from Lansdowne to the dead end.

Clark Street from Miltonia Avenue to Mason Street.

Fruit Street from Oak Street to Himrod Avenue.

Scioto Avenue from McGuffey to Armstrong Avenue.

Northwood Avenue from Darwin Avenue to Jacobs Road.

Dryden Avenue from McGuffey to Stewart Avenue.

Liberty Street from McGuffey to 1234 Liberty.

Castalia Avenue from Jacobs to Vincent Avenue.

3rd Ward

Ford Avenue from Caroline Street to Madison Avenue.

Alameda Avenue from Ford to Juanita Avenue.

Juanita from Crandall Avenue to Norwood Avenue.

Bradley Lane from Fifth Avenue to Selma Avenue.

Alameda from Guadalupe Avenue to Belmont Avenue.

Guadalupe from Catalina Avenue to Alameda.

Guadalupe from Alameda to Belmont.

Crandall Avenue from Guadalupe to Belmont.

Margaret Avenue from Norwood to Delaware Avenue.

Griffith Street from Norwood to Crandall.

Lexington Avenue from Foster Street to Belmont.

4th Ward

South Portland Avenue from Mahoning Avenue to Olson Avenue.

Overlook from South Hazelwood Avenue to Monterey Avenue.

Tyrell Street from Salt Springs Road to 350 feet west.

Imperial Street from Salt Springs to 150 feet east.

Cherry Hill Avenue from Brockway Avenue to Hazelwood Avenue

North Bon Air Avenue from Burbank Avenue to Wesley Avenue.

Hartford Avenue from Oakwood Avenue to Connecticut Avenue.

Maitland Avenue from Schenley Avenue to Upton Road.

Shalisma Drive from Upton to the dead end.

Elberen Street from Salt Springs to 200 feet east.

5th Ward

Boston Avenue from Firnley Avenue to Glenwood.

Chapel Hill Drive from Eldora Drive to Hillgate Street.

North Wendover Circle from Kirk Road to Oran Drive.

Oran from Schenley to Normandy Circle.

Volney Road from Pineview Avenue to Lake Drive.

Neosho Road from Glenwood to Onista Street.

Billingsgate Avenue from Canfield Road to Lanterman Avenue.

6th Ward

St. Louis Avenue from Market Street to Oak Hill Avenue.

Cleveland Avenue from Oak Hill to Hillman Street.

Warren Avenue from Market to Oak Hill.

Princeton Avenue from Oak Hill to Hillman.

Boston from Idlewood Avenue to HIllman.

Erie Street from Midlothian Boulevard to Hilton Avenue.

Judson Avenue from Market to Hillman.

Auburndale Avenue from Market to Southern Boulevard.

Ravenwood Avenue from Hillman to Hudson.

7th Ward

Meadowbrook Avenue from Irma Avenue to Youngstown-Poland Road.

Irma from Sheridan Road to Pointview Avenue.

Krieger Lane from Windsor Road to Buckeye Circle.

Cameron Avenue from Gibson Street to Homestead Avenue.

Wilbur Avenue from South Avenue to Gibson.

Pine Hollow Drive from Lenox Avenue to Powers Way.

Sheridan Road from Medford Avenue to Everett Avenue.

Hunter Avenue from Douglas Drive to Florida Avenue.

Palmer Avenue from Gibson to Homestead.

Hollywood Avenue from Erie to Rush.

East Lucius Avenue from Detroit Avenue to Gibson.

Maywood Drive from Lucius to the city limit.


Broadway from Florencedale to Elm.

Rhoda Avenue from Vestal Road to Roy Street.

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