Nonpolitician like Dr. Carson should run for president in ’16

Nonpolitician like Dr. Carson should run for president in ’16

Many long-time voters have become disillusioned with America’s wayward political, economic and moral direction. Revelations of how federal departments have failed to perform their basic functions illustrate bureaucratic decay (Justice Department, Veterans Affairs, Internal Revenue Service, Health and Human Services, for example).

The most obvious failure has been the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act and executive orders to implement the law. The alleged analogy between 1965’s Medicare and the ACA is far more complicated: its cost, its effect on the federal debt limit, the need for major tax reform and entitlement reform (Social Security).

Consider these options:

1) A third party is not a viable option (Ross Perot).

2) Many hoped that Sen. Barack Obama might transfer his rhetoric into reality. Enough said? ... (I voted for him in the 2008 Democratic primary).

3) A nonpolitician, independent thinker would step forward now as a candidate for president in 2016, most likely from the GOP.

This is not a call for a “Draft Ben Carson for President,” but a “grass-root” effort in which Dr. Carson would enter into the full 2016 primary campaign, engaging in dialogue and debate.

Re: (“Ben Carson is a GOP pawn (Vindicator, June 4).”

“We would do well to draft Dr. Ben Carson for President” (Vindicator, June 9).

Robert H. Parrish, Columbiana