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Notre Dame football player arrested for threats on officers

Published: Tue, June 17, 2014 @ 12:05 a.m.




A football standout attending classes at the University of Notre Dame has been given a $75,000 cash or surety bond on criminal charges, including assault on an Austintown police officer.

William Mahone, 20, of Whitebeech Lane, is facing felony charges of intimidation, assault on a police officer and vandalism as well as misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct while intoxicated. He pleaded not guilty to the two misdemeanor charges and has a pretrial hearing set for 6:30 p.m. July 7.

Prosecutor Ken Cardinal appealed to Judge David D’Apolito of Mahoning County Area Court on Monday for a $35,000 bond because of Mahone’s being a flight risk to Indiana, where he is a student and football player at Notre Dame.

“When you commit a violent act against a police officer, we take it very serious,” Cardinal said.

Judge D’Apolito raised Mahone’s bond by $40,000 more than Cardinal had requested to $75,000. If Mahone posts bond, he will be allowed to attend activities at Notre Dame. As of late Monday he still was in the county jail.

Mahone’s attorney, James Gentile, asked for a lower bond and for the judge to allow him to go to class as he has no previous criminal history and had about 10 supporters in court Monday.

Gentile also asked for traveling privileges to Iowa to visit an ailing aunt, but the judge denied that request.

According to a police report, authorities were sent to the intersection of Rita and Ray avenues at 10:19 p.m. Saturday and found a group of about 20 people in the street who pointed to a driveway. Friends and police said it was a graduation party that Mahone was attending.

People told police that Mahone was head-butting and punching vehicles and attempting to fight several people.

A report said Mahone was intoxicated and being restrained by a friend and broke free when the officer asked him to get on the ground. According to the report, Mahone “began to square up on him in an attempt to” fight the officer.

The officer advised Mahone to stop and get on the ground when he yelled, “[expletive] you, white boy!”

The officer then took Mahone to the ground and cuffed one hand, and a bystander assisted in cuffing the other hand.

Once handcuffed, Mahone continued to threaten officers using expletives.

Authorities then attempted to get him off the ground and into the cruiser, and while he pulled away, Mahone whipped his head back, striking an officer in the face — at which point officers used a stun weapon on him.

While in the rear of a police car, Mahone kicked a window three to four times before being stunned again while he continued threatening officers, the report said.

“Take these cuffs off, and I will kill all of you,” Mahone said, according to the report.

He then began to spit in the inside of the vehicle and had a spit net placed on his head.

He was transported to St. Elizabeth Health Center for a cut on his head that was there before officers arrived. While en route to the Mahoning County jail, Mahone told an officer: “Bro, when I get out, I got a Glock 9 for your a--,” referring to a handgun, according to the report.

Fitch football teammate Chris Davis was in court to show his support for Mahone.

“He’s a great young man ... does things like community service,” here and at Notre Dame, Davis said.

The two graduated from Fitch in 2012, and Mahone is a wide receiver at the University of Notre Dame.

“He made one mistake, and I hope that doesn’t tarnish his name,” Davis said.

However, according to Vindicator broadcast news partner 21 WFMJ TV, Notre Dame has suspended Mahone from all football related activities.

According to the University of Notre Dame’s football site, Mahone earned second-team 2011 Division 1 all-Ohio honors from the Associated Press as a linebacker. Fitch went 6-4 in 2011 and 10-2 in 2010 while Mahone played running back and linebacker. He rushed the ball 81 times as a senior for 700 yards and nine scores while missing about half of that senior year with an ankle injury. He also was a member of the Fitch basketball team, where he earned second-team all-Northeast Ohio honors after scoring the ninth-most points in a season at Fitch and averaging 19 points a game during the 2011-12 season.

The site listed Mahone as being enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences at Notre Dame.


1wastepro(46 comments)posted 3 months ago

Just was announced Notre Dame has suspended this upstanding citizen.

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2redvert(2064 comments)posted 3 months ago

Now don't anyone chime in claiming that his yelling of “[expletive] you, white boy!” was racist. That is allowed since it seems that this outstanding young man is of African descent. The rules are different !!!

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32muchtax(321 comments)posted 3 months ago

Another Maurice claret, got in trouble and opened thier big mouths before ever making any money! Now he has lost his shot even at the ND education. Time will tell where he ends up now?

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4bgreene(143 comments)posted 3 months ago

Out at Notre Dame.....will eventually find a spot on YSU's football roster where he can be a tuff guy on campus and in the community.

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5papa1(662 comments)posted 3 months ago

I would hope wolford wouldn't take this loser. we'll see. anyway, nd must have really dropped their standards. use to be you needed a high gpa and somehow you don't if you act like he did. finally, if he was a star player he wouldn't have been kicked off the team. from notre dame to jail in 48 hours. that's the definition of a bum.

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6kleener(45 comments)posted 3 months ago

The police do not get paid enough to deal with this trash. Who do we whites complain to about that racist remark?

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7coolnumbers(63 comments)posted 3 months ago

The article should say FORMER Notre Dame football player.

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8Knightcap(699 comments)posted 3 months ago

If that was a white ND athlete and he was attacking a black policeman while calling out filthy racist remarks, well, he'd be charged with a hate crime. Maybe Obama's AG the racist Eric Holder will look into this but I doubt it. Both idiots would probably say the white cop was acting stupidly. They should have left him alone. He was probably pissed at all those government motors recalls, that's why he was banging his head against those Cruzes and Camaros. He was more than drunk. He was jacked up on something other then Yuengling.

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9ncst(12 comments)posted 3 months ago

Where is REVERAND Jackson now?

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10uptowngirl(111 comments)posted 3 months ago

When guys are arrested and so out of control, they should be drug tested. I am going to guess anabolic steroids and more than liquor. Hope that Notre Dame does not forgive him and pulls his scholarship. He is already gearing up for the national felons league. Would not want him to blame that concussion from head slamming on the honorable game of football.

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11mrblue(983 comments)posted 3 months ago

What a complete IDIOT!! You don't belong at Notre Dame. In fact,you don't belong at any university. You most likely lost out on a great future.

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12captainpeewee(66 comments)posted 3 months ago

he can go to Florida Stare and rape some one and get away with it because he is black

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132muchtax(321 comments)posted 3 months ago

I hope YSU does not take him we do not need more trash in town! Lost out on a ND education what an idiot! I see prison in his future!

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14DAL(90 comments)posted 3 months ago

I in no way agree with what this young man did!! I truly feel as though he threw away a bright future for one night of stupidity!! In the same token, the people that call this young man a loser, trash, etc., and base these comments on the color of his skin, are just showing their ignorance!!
I have never realize how much racist we have in our community!!! Isn't it ironic how people will stand behind and root someone on when they are winning for their team, but will turn on then at any chance they get!!

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15Sparky(185 comments)posted 3 months ago

The race factor was introduced by him. So therefore race comments are fair game. No ignorance in earlier comments as they are responding his racist rant. I agree with captain, transfer to florida sate and maybe win the heismann.

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16nupanther(24 comments)posted 3 months ago

Gotta go with DAL on this....

In no way am I support Mahones actions. He should lose his scholly and take whatever maximum punishment coming to him. But there are just as many comments on the "white boy" remark then his actual crimes. No one mentioned kicking the windows inside the cruiser. No one mentioned the threatening of an officer with a gun. Don't know the race of the officer he referred to as "bro"- but there's a strong possibility it could have been a black officer. And if that's true, it would show this guy was after officers, whatever their color.

Also, I believe the literal words "white boy" aren't racist. Oh, I'm sure he used them at that time to get the officer riled up. But no cracker, hillbilly, etc was used. But like I said, people on these type of sites fired up over those two words that all the criminal actions.

Again, I hope Mahone gets his- if not, a grave injustice to all the officers involved

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17kleener(45 comments)posted 3 months ago

There are more comments on his race than him kicking windows because if he was a white boy and made that racist comment, Ken Simon would be calling for an investigation and trying to get Al & Jesse involved.

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18IslandMike(752 comments)posted 3 months ago

More crying from people who have convicted someone based on a newspaper article. The trial date isn't even set yet. Whatever happened to due process? Everyone had OJ convicted before his trial and he was innocent. The Duke Lacrosse players were expelled from the university for a crime in which they were found innocent.

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19ChiefWahoo(3 comments)posted 3 months ago

IslandMike, OJ is not innocent, everyone knows this. He was found "not guilty" because reasonable doubt was raised. OJ murdered his wife and her friend, and you know he did.

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20tnmartin(234 comments)posted 3 months ago

does anyone else remember a time when doubters were confidently assured that "athletics builds character!" . Remember that, when some of us questioned the purpose of semi-literate thugs receiving adulation at so-called palaces of higher learning, we were shouted down?
and, lest anyone blame YSU or ND or OSU or Penn State or whatever, generally the behavior at those places - or in this case - are simply a continuation of what was permitted when the same persons were in high school. Have seen it in the Tri-County area as well as on the PA side. (remember the rape scandal down in East Liverpool?)
the thugs are at fault. But so are the fans and everyone else who gives a thug a pass because he can kick the ball a country mile or hit a 3 from half court.

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21steivo(513 comments)posted 3 months ago

Let me see if I understand this. White on black racism is abhorrent and must be eradicated. However, black on white racism is OK because he really didn't mean anything by his comments.

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22dontbeafool(902 comments)posted 3 months ago

oh the idiotic commenters on here. This punk did 20 different things wrong here, to include calling the officer a "white boy" and he was arrested, charged, and suspended from the football team. End of story! What else do you want? Start your own damn protest in the streets of Youngstown because a racial slur was used by a raging kid if it bothers you so much. Most of you seem to have all the free time in the world anyway, so have at it. It isn't an issue for several reasons, one of them being that it was a criminal making the statements. If it was a black cop (a professional) saying it to a white person, it would be an issue. It would be an issue because of his authorative position demands better. Do you really expect a thug in the middle of criminal activity to be PC and refrain from racial comments? Get real.

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23zz3(931 comments)posted 3 months ago

Open enrollment strikes again! You can take the cockroach out of the HOOD, but you can't take the hood out of the cockroach. I bet his PARENT and I do mean parent (singular) is proud. Well, how come they did not fire his football coach? Aren't they the zookeepers, ask tressel. It's not the cockroaches fault just ax 'em. Yep he is now ready for the NFL (National Felony League) created by others like him.

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24IslandMike(752 comments)posted 3 months ago

Crying, crying and more crying. The man was arrested and now he'll be processed through the system just like anyone else. Why is everyone soooooo angry???? This happens all the time, the only reason it's even a story is because he's an athlete.

Suggest removal:

25DAL(90 comments)posted 3 months ago

zz3, Mahone was already at Fitch before open enrollment even started in Austintown. I find your comment, so sad!!
You are making judgement on a person and their family life, based on the color of their skin!! There is alot of trash out in the world, regardless of their color!! As for the NFL(as you put it National Felony League) from what I have been seeing in the news, badness has no color barrier in this sport!!

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26zz3(931 comments)posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago

DAL your only seeing what you want to see as usual!! It's called DENIAL if anyone asks you. chk some crime stats while your sitting around sometime it may enlighten you...maybe.

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27HSG(123 comments)posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago

This gent has a choice at this juncture- he can step back and evaluate his conduct (and the behaviors that caused it ) and strive for some improvement (read:self discipline) or he can become bitter and defensive, and spiral downward into increased police contact.

As a community, let's hope he evaluates positively and starts to improve his attitudes and his life.

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28fattynskinny(195 comments)posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

God has forgiven this man and will make him a mighty warrior for the kingdom. It's already happening.

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