Good comes from God

You can have victory in your life despite the struggles that you face when you understand that God is working all things out for your good and his purpose for your life.

Too many times we feel that God is unaware or unconcerned with our painful trials but nothing could be further from the truth.

He has a divine eternal reason for each and every thing that you endure. He has a timing for it all, and if you belong to Christ, it is all part of the perfect plan.

Understandably, it is easier to trust God when things are going well. How much more difficult it becomes to believe as God allows trials of every kind to happen when he has the power to stop them. How can he look down on the suffering of his people as seemingly he remains silent? But is that really true?

We look in the Old Testament to the trials of Job. He was a wealthy man with a wife, children and servants. He honored God with all he had and held nothing back from him. Yet God allowed Satan to attack Job and take his children, his wealth, his servants and his own health. Job was reduced to a painful existence living outside of his home since he was deemed unclean because of the infestation of boils that was afflicting his whole body. His own wife told him to “curse your God and die.” How did Job respond to her? He answered, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”(Job 2:10)

That is a question we all need to ask ourselves.

Is it OK with us to take the good from God and then turn away from him in times of trouble? Does God owe us anything? It is by his grace that we receive all the good that we have.

We are in his hands and he has determined the best way to get us from where we are to where he is. He does not look away from us for a second. We always have hope in the midst of the darkest storms because Christ lives to intercede for us. He commands his angels to guard our path and guide our steps. We are not left to fend for ourselves when darkness comes.

Within every struggle and ever storm we must endure, there is the promise of Christ guaranteeing our victory to the end. No battle is too big for him because he has authority over everything. The outcome is always in his hands and his will.

As you grow in faith, you get to a place of peace in your life as you learn that you do not have to understand God’s ways in order to trust that he always is working for your best interest. For that reason, you are able to have joy through the many troubles in this world because Christ has overcome the world and your enemies have been rendered powerless to destroy your future. Just because you can’t see how God is working in your life through your trials does not mean that he is doing nothing. Heaven and earth are being moved by a faithful God who has already determined the outcome of your situation.

Your pain grieves the very heart of God but we are living in a perishing world and believers are being transformed into the image of Christ. Let God do his work in you. Your struggle will not last forever, but the hope you have will last into eternity. Fear and uncertainty are weapons the enemy uses to discourage you. Never let his lies steal your hope or convince you to surrender up your joy. Nothing is impossible for the one who holds eternity in his hands.

Whatever you are going through, stay focused on the fact that God can always make a way to help you. God gives and God takes but it all is part of the plan to give you eternal life in a kingdom that will have no end. And because of that promise, we can praise God in every situation. Christ is coming back soon to make all things new. That is a hope that is worth waiting for.

Marianne Bernard attends Old North Church in Canfield.

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