GM adds current generation Camaros to list of recalls

Staff/wire report


General Motors recalled all current-generation Chevrolet Camaros because a driver’s knee can bump the key fob and cause the key inadvertently to move out of the “run” position, with a corresponding reduction or loss of power, according to a press release issued on the company’s website.

There are 464,712 Camaros from the 2010-2014 model-years in the U.S. included in the recall. Including Canada, Mexico and exports, the total recall population is 511,528.

“The issue, which may primarily affect drivers sitting close to the steering column, was discovered by GM during internal testing following the ignition-switch recall earlier this year,” the release says.

GM contends that this recall is unrelated to the ignition system used in Chevrolet Cobalts and other small cars and that the Camaro’s ignition meets all GM engineering specifications.

“Discovering and acting on this issue quickly is an example of the new norm for product safety at GM,” said Jeff Boyer, vice president of GM Global Safety.

Earlier this year, GM recalled 2.6 million cars with bad switches that are linked to at least 13 deaths by the automaker’s count.

“GM will change the Camaro key to a standard design from one in which the key is concealed in the fob and is opened by pushing a button,” the release says. “The change will make the ignition key and fob independent of each other, so that inadvertent contact with the fob won’t move the key from the “run” position.”

GM also announced Friday two safety recalls and one noncompliance recall for a total of 65,121 cars in the U.S. — all three of which were reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Wednesday. Including Canada, Mexico and exports, the total recall population is 69,839. The recalls are: 28,789 Saab 9-3 convertibles from the 2004-2011 model-years for an automatic tensioning-system cable in the driver’s side front seat belt retractor that could break; 21,567 Chevrolet Sonic 2012 model-year compacts equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission and a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine for a condition in which the transmission turbine shaft may fracture as a result of a supplier quality issue; 14,765 2014 model-year Buick LaCrosse sedans because a wiring splice in the driver’s door may corrode and break.

Customers will receive letters from GM to let them know when to bring their vehicles into a dealership — where the recall repairs will be performed free of charge and courtesy transportation would be provided as needed.

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