St. Christine School celebrates annual Grandparents Day


On May 16, St. Christine School hosted its annual Grandparents Day to honor the grandparents of its students.

“It’s been going on for a very long time,” said Maura Scott, who was in charge of the flower pot raffle that was part of the activities. “I believe it was started by Mrs. [Mary Ann) Huzicka, a sixth-grade teacher a long time ago. They just wanted a way to honor grandparents.”

St. Christine has approximately 400 students and several hundred grandparents participated. Students were allowed to bring another relative if their grandparents were deceased.

Scott said beside the flower pot raffle, there were many other activities as part of the celebration.

“The kids will be sitting with their grandparents,” she said. “They start off with mass. They are donuts and things for the grandparents ahead of time. Once they come back, the grandparents will shadow them in their classes and they’ll have activities in each of the classes. There’s an art show downstairs that they can go to.

“They will eat lunch with their grandparents that they made and decorated the bags [the lunches will be served from]. There’s a flower pot raffle. There’s a picture stand where they can have pictures taken with their grandparents.”

Bryce Pinter is a third-grader at St. Christine. His grandparents Larry Dueber and Debbie Lovas attended the celebration as his guests.

“We come every year. We enjoy it,” Dueber said. “We enjoy seeing Bryce in his school and his classroom. He’s a wonderful young man.”

Lovas was asked what she was looking forward to most during the activities.

“Just spending time with him and seeing all of his artwork and his progress,” she said. “He’s a straight A student.”

Scott said the event is very popular with the students and grandparents.

“I think it shows respect for their grandparents,” she said. “It shows the love for the grandparents. The grandparents love it. They love to come, they love to be with the kids. The kids love to show them what they do in school. They get to spend an entire day together, kind of separated from everything else.”

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