Police: Boardman man’s slaying followed night of drugs, porn




Cocaine, pornography and beer preceded the killing of Chris Craft in his Boardman home, a township police report says.

The report sheds new light on his last hours.

At 1:20 p.m. Sunday, several Boardman officers were sent to Craft’s home, 1736 Alverne Drive, on a report of a suicide. A friend of Craft’s — who called it in — said Craft “shot his face off,” according to the report.

The male caller, 38, was questioned but has not been charged by police.

Police found Craft on his back on the floor in front of his computer, with his legs on a chair.

No weapon was found on or near him.

The death was ruled a homicide Tuesday by the Mahoning County Coroner’s Office because someone had used a straight edge, possibly a kitchen knife, to attempt to cover up how he died, a blunt-force blow to the right side of his face.

The friend said Craft picked him up about 10 p.m. Saturday and the two went back to Craft’s home. According to the police report, the man said he and Craft drank beer, did cocaine and watched pornographic movies in the upstairs bedroom. The man said he last saw Craft at 6 a.m. Sunday when Craft gave him a Xanax and then went downstairs.

The coroner’s office said Craft had been drinking alcohol and had pills in his system, but the full toxicology report won’t be available for a few weeks.

The man said he then came downstairs at noon and saw Craft on the floor. He said he saw only his arm and thought he was asleep. He went outside and drank two beers and then came back in and realized Craft was dead, he said.

The man then called his father, and then police. Authorities and the coroner’s office arrived to investigate. The man was transported to Boardman’s police station for investigative purposes, read his rights “and afterwards he was transported to his residence,” according to the report.

The police report does not list an employer for Craft.

When Craft lived in Warren County between Cincinnati and Dayton, both in Middletown and Franklin, he had run-ins with the law.

He served three days in neighboring Butler County’s jail in late November 1994 for driving under the influence.

He was divorced from Eva Powell in 1997 after an allegation of domestic violence.

Craft served another DUI sentence in the Butler County jail in March 1998 for his second offense.

Craft was charged with attempted possession of cocaine and illegal possession of drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor charges, and ordered to serve six months in Butler County jail March 20, 2000. His jail sentence was suspended and he instead was given probation.

Closer to home, records there show he was charged with driving under the influence in Wayne Township, south of Lisbon, in August 2002. That DUI was a Class 4 felony charge because it was his fourth offense within six years. He also received two traffic charges for that DUI — failure to maintain reasonable control and driving under suspension, both misdemeanors.

Details of his other DUI offense were unavailable.

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