Friday, May 25, 2018

Keep up battle against cancer

Published: 6/12/14 @ 12:00

Keep up battle against cancer

Daily News, Bowling Green, Ky.: Kentucky’s cancer rates are staggering: An estimated 212 of every 100,000 people will die each year. In Warren County, that rate is about 204.

So it should be no surprise that if you walk in a room and ask for people to raise their hands if they personally have had cancer, have had family members with cancer or they know someone who has had cancer, few hands remain down.

While lifestyle choices may help in the prevention of certain cancers, there still is a need to make advancements in treatment. Chemotherapy, in many instances, is still a rather crude form of treatment — tearing down a person’s immune system before it can be built back up. You still hear people say that if the “cancer doesn’t get me, the treatment might.”

But there is hope, thanks to many organizations such as the American Cancer Society, which dedicate funds for research toward treatment, if not cures. It also helps provide both emotional and physical support for those going through treatment, such as helping women find just the right wig, if they can’t afford one.

Each year south-central Kentuckians donate generously to the Cancer Society through Relays for Life held in their communities. The all-night affairs begin earnest this weekend.

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