Sterling punished harshly; where’s freedom of speech?

Sterling punished harshly; where’s freedom of speech?

I am saddened by recent events concerning Mr. Donald Sterling. My first reaction was that every United States citizen has been guaranteed freedom of speech by our Constitution. And there is also a matter of privacy in one’s own home. Both of these rights have been violated in this situation.

If he isn’t allowed this freedom, then none of us should be allowed to express our opinions about others in the privacy of our own homes. Should there be “bugs” in every home to be sure no one, absolutely no one, speaks ill of another race/person?

The Bible says “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” We all point our fingers and judge, but how many fingers are pointing back at us? I would say that most every person in this world has “labeled” others with what could be considered a derogatory and racist word.

Please do not take this to mean I approve of Mr. Sterling’s comments. He made a fool of himself in many ways and one of them was by taking on a young girlfriend who obviously used him for whatever he was willing to buy for her. But if she was taking advantage of a good situation, is she any different from the NAACP’s taking Mr. Sterling’s generous donations, knowing he was prejudiced against blacks? I thank God and those who wrote the Constitution and those who fought for our country. Because of them, I can still write this letter, my opinion which I always thought was protected by my right to freedom of speech. I’m thinking the day will come when the Constitution won’t be worth do-diddly. We are still hanging onto our right to bear arms. Now freedom of speech in the privacy of one’s home is being attacked.

The punishment of a criminal should not exceed the crime, and I firmly believe that Mr. Sterling’s punishment far exceeds his crime.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone would expend more energy on loving our neighbors than we do on our prejudices? What a happier and less stressful world we would live in.

Gail Taylor, New Springfield