Marriage licenses

Thomas A. DeChellis, 26, of 150 Longview Circle, North Lima, and Ann K. Dombroski, 26, of 11375 Lisbon Road, Salem.

Xavier A. Matthews, 22, of 452 S. Raccoon Road Unit B19, Austintown, and Sierra L. Jackson, 22, of same.

John A. DeSantis, 27, of 20 Colonial Estates Drive #5, Poland, and Lauren C. McMahon, 27, of 7840 Meadowbrooke Trail, Poland.

John S. Eich, 24, of 1277 Pioneer Drive, Boardman, and Devon A. Parks, 24, of 9200 Lisbon Road, Greenfield.

Tyler J. Brown, 19, of 766 Porter Ave., Campbell, and Chelsea M. Rosile, 19, of same.

Jonathan P. Achey Jr., 40, of 4277 Selkirk Ave., Youngstown, and Monique M. Andujar, 30, of same.

Joseph E. Minniti, 35, of 5261 Old Oxford Lane, Boardman, and Mary E. Jones, 32, of same.

Christopher S. Timms, 40, of 4023 Sylvia Lane, Youngstown, and Jennifer M. Stanko, 31, of same.

Michael D. Best, 27, of 1088 Yolanda Place, Austintown, and Courtney L. Neal, 24, of same.

Ray A. Main Jr., 23, of 600 Winter Road, New Castle, Pa., and Arlena D.A. Bartberger, 22, of 2859 Mercer Road, New Castle, Pa.

Edward M. Metzinger, 47, of 3780 Mercedes Place, Canfield, and Laurie L. Varnadore-Klotz, 52, of same.

David J. Thomas, 39, of 789 Baldwin Ave., Sharon, Pa., and Christine E. Luc, 37, of same.

Darrien L. Ford, 37, of 312 Cabot St., Youngstown, and Shantel N. Preston, 34, of 129 Terrace Drive, Boardman.

Jonathan O. Drake, 37, of 141 N. Cadillac Drive, Boardman, and Michelle L. Baber, 32, of same.

Billy F. Odem Sr., 41, of 3118 Edgar St., Youngstown, and Kristie Marie McCoy, 31, of same.

Carl E. Gilmore Jr., 37, of 1598 Craiglee Ave., Youngstown, and Damara A. Brown, 35, of 4108 New Road, Austintown.

Willie Hylton Jr., 29, of 1753 S. Raccoon Road, Austintown, and Heather S. Kisner, 23, of same.

Paul J. Paris Jr., 62, of 2098 Knollwood Ave., Poland, and Shannon J. Boila, 60, of 2316 Lyons Blvd., Poland.


State v. Terrance Phillips, serve one year on count one and two, served concurrently.

U.S. Bank National Association v. Craig W. Less et al, foreclosure.

U.S. Bank National Association v. Jennifer L. Bernard et al, confirming sale, ordering deed and distribution of sale.

Huntington National Bank v. 7878 Investments LLC et al, confirmation and distribution.

SLM Education Credit Finance Corp. v. Charles E. Broz, order of distribution.

Administrator of Estate of Wilbur Bacon et al v. Prima Health Care LLC et al, settled.

Arthur L. Turner Jr. et al v. YCS Contracting Co. et al, default judgment.

Bank of America National Association v. Meghan Brundege et al, confirming sale, ordering deed and distribution of sale.

Huntington National Bank v. Jay G. Gates III et al, dismissed.

Capital One Bank USA National Association v. Stephanie A. Hoover, pay in order.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Charlene Fambro et al, order of sale withdrawn.

Gloria J. Alicea et al v. Ladawnna M. Shinn et al, settled.

Fannie Mae v. Joseph Tiberio et al, confirming sale and ordering distribution.

U.S. Bank National Association v. Peter J. Valiku et al, confirming sale, ordering deed and distribution of sale.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Michelle Ponce et al, forfeited.

Fannie Mae v. Timothy McGrath et al, confirming sale and ordering distribution.

Debra Mangas et al v. Lori Ruse et al, dismissed.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Terria D. Brown, order of distribution.

Douglas Sage II v. Alltel Communications LLC et al, dismissed.

Candy Haught v. HMS Toll Roads Inc. et al, dismissed.

Don Tanner v. Home Depot USA Inc., dismissed.

Jeffrey Bailey et al v. Thomas Algeo et al, order of magistrate.

Martha Livingston v. Jill K. Landau, dismissed.

Matthew R. Flannery et al v. Burgan Real Estate Ltd. Inc., settled.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association v. Gerald Fedorchak et al, foreclosure.

Jeffrey L. Hum v. William A. Bieber et al, dismissed.

Phillip T. Fry et al v. Adriana M. Gugliotti et al, dismissed.

James E. Hitch v. D’Amico Agency Inc. et al, dismissed.

Rita A. Raymond v. Steve Burhrer et al, dismissed.

Robert L. Ramunno et al v. Phyllis H. Willison, order of magistrate.

First Place Bank v. Racquel Rock et al, judgement entry.

Jennifer O. Belknap v. Janet A. Biedenbach et al, dismissed.

Janice Brown et al v. Jennifer Timlin et al, settled.

Marybeth Angiolelli et al v. Carolyn Bay, order of magistrate.

Flagstar Bank FSB v. Debra C. Wood et al, order of magistrate.

Frank Bigowsky v. Raymond Chartier et al, order of magistrate.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Timothy Abner et al, order of magistrate.

Connie L. Weber v. Robert J. Kolar et al, order of magistrate.

American Tax Funding LLC v. JD Wilson et al, order of magistrate.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Marcia Cummings et al, foreclosure.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation v. Maryann C. Magnolia et al, dismissed.

Lyden Oil Co. v. Exact Car Care et al, order of magistrate.

Cynthia J. Amedia v. Danny Boys Italian Eatery, order of magistrate.

McHenry Industries Inc. v. Archer Corp. et al, settled.

224 Properties Inc. v. Brant Newton, summary judgement.

Stephen M. Kristan et al v. Taylor S. Christian et al, order of magistrate.

Bellflower Funding LLC v. Krinos Venture Capital Co. et al, order of magistrate.

Cheryl Borovitcky et al v. Kmart Corp., dismissed.

Flagstar Bank FSB v. Patrick J. Pico et al, dismissed.

Meadowbrook Village Condo Association Inc. v. Terry L. Slavins et al, order of magistrate.

JP Morgan Chase Bank v. Williams Towns Jr. et al, foreclosure.

Frederick Banks v. Correctional Corp. of America et al, dismissed.

Tax Lien Fund I LP v. Santinder Kaur et al, dismissed.

Mike Angiolelli v. Dr. Carolyn Bay, order of magistrate.

Carolyn Bay v. Michael Angiolelli, order of magistrate.

Carolyn Bay v. Mary Beth Angiolelli, order of magistrate.

Shelia Magura v. Brian Gilbert, order of magistrate.

Jennifer Quigley v. James Schmidt, dismissed.

Dorina Shine v. Sonya Snipes, order of magistrate.

Timnesha Davis v. Jaqualia Dothard, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Thomas J. Hannon to Paul F. Kivaes et al, Grandview, Lake Milton, $130,000.

Theresa M. Pacurae et al to Black Dragon Investments, Wakefield Ave., Youngstown, $25,000.

Eric M. Tate et al to Arnold H. Dixon, Elliot Lane, Youngstown, $34,000.

Estate of Robert Hirdus to Donna Fletcher, Eldora Drive, Youngstown, $49,915.

Alfred L. Pepper to Jones Streb, Hollywood Ave., Youngstown, $1,500.

William N. Ausch et al to Cody L. Kerr et al, Poland Ave., Struthers, $67,000.

John T. Miller Jr. to Anthony M. Melone, Western Reserve, Poland, $115,000.

Rudy Zoppely to Jason A. Glista, Palmyra Road, Canfield, $30,000.

Patrick L. Valentino et al to Kimberly A. McGivern et al, Burgess Lake Drive, Poland, $173,000.

Lana Gregory to Zvara Tax Service and Notary LLC, Milton Township, $1,500.

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