State finds no further evidence of scrubbing at Campbell



Though the Ohio Department of Education will expand its investigation into evidence of improper reporting of attendance data to the 2012-13 school year for four districts, Campbell City Schools is not one of them.

Instead, the state says Campbell schools will no longer be under scrutiny, as the ODE did not find any further evidence of scrubbing in its submitted attendance data for the 2011-12 school year.

The ODE defines scrubbing as “improperly withdrawing a student who took the state achievement assessments, thus excluding their scores from the building and district reports.”

As a result of ODE’s findings, investigations into both the Campbell and Winton Woods school districts have been closed, though they are required to submit a corrective action plan.

Matthew Bowen, superintendent of Campbell City Schools, said he was pleased with the news and with the cooperation of all staff members who work closely with student enrollment and withdrawal procedures. The district’s new reporting system, he said, has “guaranteed [the] accuracy of reporting to the state.”

“We know the importance of accountability and will maintain high standards for all personnel,” Bowen said.

Last month, the 2010-11 report-card designation for Campbell City Schools dropped one level, from effective to continuous improvement, with the inclusion of test scores for students who had been improperly excluded from calculations by local officials.

The 2011-12 report cards for the Campbell and Winton Woods school districts will not be redone.

The ODE will also issue new 2010-11 and 2011-12 report cards for Columbus City Schools, which was found to be improperly reporting its data in those years, along with a new 2011-12 report card for the Northridge School District.

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