Overmedication, loud music lead many Americans astray

Overmedication, loud music lead many Americans astray

So it goes ... as the world turns. Our older citizens have noticed a change in people. Today’s society seems to be not at peace with itself. At the present, all signs show unrest. We just can’t manage to find calm in today’s world.

There has been a large shift in our social habits over time. In the past, we had surrounded ourselves with positive elements: Love, happiness, caring for others, and, most importantly, believing in God. These are now few and far between. You may have to go to Shangri-La to find them.

Today’s answer to stress is to overmedicate ourselves. That involves tranquilizing our emotions. It was a practice in the 1950s in mental institutions and homes for the elderly. If a person was a problem for society, they just deadened the emotions in the brain. We have now replaced loving emotions with chemicals to bring peace and relief to ourselves.

We have, over a period of time, exposed ourselves to less quality in our leisure entertainment. We are now at a low ebb in our music industry. Simply ask any arts professor at a university or conservatory. They will agree to that statement. Music of the past produced happiness and joy. It contained a need to treat people with love and respect, which was written in the lyrics. Funny as it may seem, country & western music — that tells a story of a person losing everything from a wife, house, truck, or dog — tells us in a positive way why we should not follow that example. Quality and vocal ability were taught to singers and practiced to perfection. Believe me, it is not present today. Today’s performers believe that they must sing loud to be better; profanity now proves a point or a statement; and the beating of a drum is supposed to touch your emotions. Yes, it certainly can as the beat goes on and on, and on. We have succumbed to inferior entertainment with a steady diet of negativity and the seedy side of life.

Our natural instincts should seek peace, love and happiness.

Paul. D. Lawson, McDonald