Political correctness goes too far in spats over offensive language

Political correctness goes too far in spats over offensive language

222They call it “Political Correctness;” I call it “Political Corruption,” a behavior that reeks of stupidity and adds fuel and unrest to a society that has far more serious problems to deal with.

When someone utters a few improper words or remarks, there are always those ready to scream bloody murder even though the remarks were not directed at them.

What are we coming to when someone makes a few off-the-cuff remarks 15 years ago, offers a sincere public apology and still suffers the near loss of a successful business? Why are these people so swift to advocate tolerance and diversity and yet exhibit no willingness to practice what they preach?

Back in the days when duels were fought over disagreements and insults, there was a thing called honor. I failed to see any honor when people who have no contact with someone will want to snip away at their characters. Perhaps if duels were again allowed most of the mouthy trouble- makers would be inclined to mind their own business.

No one can deny that misstated words can penetrate the skin and cause discomfort; however, wouldn’t we be a happier society if someone would bring forth a medicine that would grow us a thicker skin?

Leon J. White, Columbiana

Teenager decries kidnapping

As a 13-year-old Muslim- American girl, I am angry that Boko Haram has kidnapped 276 Nigerian school girls. Boko Haram claims that Islam does not allow girls to get an education. I want to grow up to be a pharmacist, and I am very sad that these girls are being stopped from pursuing their own dreams.

Furthermore, Islam does not forbid the education of girls; in fact it commands everyone to get an education. The prophet Muhammad once said, “It is incumbent on every Muslim man and woman to seek knowledge.” Therefore, girls have as much of a right as boys to get an education.

Afia Awan, Pickerington, Ohio