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YSU trustees approve 15 layoffs; more expected

Published: Tue, June 3, 2014 @ 10:55 p.m.


A Youngstown State University trustees committee approved a $173 million operating budget for fiscal 2015 that includes permanent layoffs of 15 people in what’s expected to be only the first round of cuts.

The plan also includes permanently eliminating 43 position vacancies.

Each of the university’s divisions was assigned a reduction target, and half haven’t met it.

Academic Affairs got the highest target — $7.5 million — and has achieved 13 percent of that goal. Hitting the target is going to be arduous.

“To hit our target, that’s 65 faculty positions — which means eliminating a college,” said Teresa Riley, interim provost. “That’s how drastic it will have to be.”

Read more of the budget challenges in Wednesday's Vindicator or on Vindy.com.


1topper11(706 comments)posted 2 years ago

Academic Affairs got the highest target

But we got our coach did we not .
Sure looks like we will work on Academics ( NOT ) . Heard we may build a bigger football field and a new sports center .

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2tnmartin(518 comments)posted 2 years ago

would have been a good idea to close down ALL the defined majors that have the word "Studies" in the title. Be a good first start, anyway. Why are we paying for nonsense like "Center for Islamic Studies", or "General Studies", or too many like them? Waste of money and waste of space.
YSU, like so many others, is over-run with persons on the payroll doing things that don't need to be done at all. Not to mention the professional grievance-mongers.
Sounds like Kasich is doing right.

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3topper11(706 comments)posted 2 years ago

And so say a Tea thug .
We do not need any stinking education
Just more football .

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4tnmartin(518 comments)posted 2 years ago

personally, I wouldn't care if YSU dumped all intercollegiate sports completely. Not a jock-sniffer as some seem to be. Not sure how this worship of football or basketball or whatever came to be a near-official religion. But whatever.
I think it is fair to say that there are programs at YSU, and at an overwhelming percentage of like institutions, that have nothing whatsoever to do with education as it is normally defined. And I'm not talking about the programs here and there that are more properly "training" rather than "education" anyway. For example, "Medical Coding", a program at YSU, is training, not education. A worthy program perhaps, but hardly part of "higher education" as most understand it. Likewise for things like "Hospitality Management" or Museum Studies. But how can you reasonably call "General Studies" education? You can't. This is not education in any accepted sense of the term. So let's not pretend that mentioning these "programs" that seem to be designed to let someone's dullard nephew get a piece of paper he probably can't read, is somehow opposing the improvement of the intellectual level of the nation. It's nonsense.
Will people's lives be impacted by this? Of course, and that's not good. How many lives have been and are being impacted by the ignorant and patently unconstitutional diktats by Obumble and the Democraps against the coal miners in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia? I hear no weeping for them. Wonder why? The list if people whose lives have been damaged by the liberal fascists in the Democrap Party within 100 miles of where you sit is a whole lot longer than the 15 at YSU. Or don't they count? Not your sort of people, perhaps?

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5tnmartin(518 comments)posted 2 years ago

sigh. Would you hire someone waving a BA in Womyn's Studies or General Studies for anything that doesn't involve repeating "would you like fries with that?". And before you go off defending the validity of such, talk to hiring managers rather than the echo chambers populated by those who have a vested interest in these nothingburger programs and their expansion.
And the same is largely true for silly majors like Sociology. Other than proving that someone had the fortitude to stomach so many years of the nonsense largely peddled in these courses, what does it prepare the graduate to do? I have nothing whatever against someone studying something like, say, philosophy or art just for the love of the material. That's worth something. Is it something that the State of Ohio and the taxpayers thereof need to be subsidizing, or should it be limited to venues like Hiram or Oberlin?
And there are hidden, overhead costs involved. Unless things are much changed, every one of these programs has a raft of administrators, assistants-to the admins, secretaries, letterhead, telephones and those who answer them, records to keep, files to manage, meetings and meetings and more meeting to attend, each with PowerPoint presentations, etc. And conferences to attend. Many either about the educrat fad of the week or complaints about being overworked and underfunded. All the stuff of bureaucracy.
And that's not even counting the silliness in most institutions of Diversity Officers, Title IX admins, and much other deadweight.
To say and, worse, to believe, that there is no excess to be limited is, well, overly optimistic.
Compare, please, the tuition costs today with those when I was attending 30 years ago, adjusted for inflation and the change from quarters to semesters. You may discover that costs to attend YSU, like most such, have FAR outstripped the overall inflation rate. And it is in part due to empire building, and largely to the proliferation of non-academic posts, positions, and programs that truly do nothing useful for the purported beneficiaries of higher education, but provide gainful employment to the buddies of those with connections
And the cost to attend has more than a little bit to do with the rise in for-profit institutions on one hand, and community colleges and the like, like Gateway. The difference in cost makes up for not wearing a Penguin Tech sweatshirt.

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6tnmartin(518 comments)posted 2 years ago

add to that, Sunday's report that YSU seems to spend proportionately less on instructional costs, and proportionately more on what we'll call "overhead" than other Ohio public universities. Which is in line with what I said previously. A cutback in these non-instructional posts should not impact "education" but might reduce the bloat somewhat. And yes, I know some of those affected are good, hard working, dedicated people with kids to feed. Been there. But a good number aren't. We've all seen their cousins. And in truth, some of them are working hard at doing things that don't need to be done at all. We know that too.

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