Shots fired after attempted robbery at supermarket

boardman shoplifting

Guard fires shots as driver tries to hit him

Staff report


A shoplifting turned into an attempted robbery, which turned into an attempted assault, and shots were fired at the Sparkle Market on South Avenue late Monday afternoon.

Boardman Police Sgt. Brian Habeger said police were called to the store at 4:35 p.m. after a man trying to steal shrimp would not stop for a security guard.

The man pushed the security guard and fled, which made the crime an attempted robbery instead of a shoplifting, Habeger said.

The guard chased the man out of the store to the street, then turned to go back inside, Habeger said. Suddenly, a car with a man and a woman in it tried to hit the security guard in the parking lot. Police believe it was a getaway car.

The guard, who works for a private security company and is licensed to carry a gun, fired two shots at the car, Habeger said. It drove off.

Store management did not want to comment.

The shrimp was recovered.

Boardman police said Monday night that they traced the car through a partial license-plate number and learned that the two male suspects were arrested in Coitsville on drug charges. Boardman expects to charge them today.

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